Sunday, November 7, 2004

Blogging Again after Many Months

It seems impossible that almost four months have elapsed since I last thought of my blog. There are so many other people's writings to read that I forget to ruminate on the life of one little, old lady. The husband recovered from his surgery physically, but has lost some of his zest for life. After his surgery, the docs got their hands on my neck and reamed out my left carotid artery. Really, it was supposed to be a simple thing, but it has turned into a major event with a rush back to surgery on the day after the original grand opening. Things were okay, but I never do anything the easy way. Scared my poor family, but oddly enough --- I went back to the land of scalpels and sponges with the thought that I was dying and did not fear. Go figure!
The biggest event of this summer has been the intensity of the presidential election. Our oldest daughter was a wreck with all the political bull-s*** on T.V. Myself, I could not stand to hear all the garbage and justifications by political hacks --- even FOX network started getting a little hinky by the end. We were packing to leave for six months in Florida (the 2000 election fiasco) while awaiting the results of 2004. Wouldn't you know --- Ohio was the state to decide this year's winner? Perhaps we should leave Ohio and Florida or learn to live with the shame of ineptitude. We are rejoicing in the Bush win and trying very hard to be good winners --- you know, being humble and not rubbing anyone's nose in it. But! It's so hard to listen to the whining and crapola from the Democrats since they realized on Wednesday that "flyover country" embodies the values of the majority of Americans. Their attempts to pull every minority into their fold will give them just that --- lots of diverse, little minorities with axes to grind. I feel so absolved to know that down home values and spirituality are still alive and well, though bowed and bloody from years of attacks from the left. Heard tell today that people are turning in their citizenship and planning to move to Canada --- Don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out! Hey, just putting this down makes me feel better. I'm gonna go get an ice cream cone and celebrate "Old W's" win. Also, "Cheers" to my grandson who will go to the Inaugral Balls, because he works for a Republican govenor. Life is pretty good, after all!