Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wouldn't You Know?

Wouldn't you know that Hurricane Wilma is headed right for our new place in Florida? We haven't even finished the remodeling, but if Ft.Myers gets a direct hit, there goes all our hard work and all that new carpeting and furniture. Drat! I am left wondering whether or not Bed, Bath and Beyond and Linens n Things will take back the ton of stuff I have purchased since returning to Ohio in September. I'll have to cross my fingers and hope that some other poor soul gets the hurricane instead of us. Some nice person I am! That F150 will be ambling down I-75 either the 31st of October or next Monday if there is damage. Oh, I could just swear!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Crazy World

By this time in your life, you should be taking things easy and enjoying the fruits of your labors. Instead, we act like lame brains and keep biting off bigger bites than we want to chew. The Florida place still stands exactly where we left it last month, but since then we have flown to Monterey to see #2 grandson for a week at the Defense Language Institute. California is beautiful and weird at the same time. We loved the sights along the Left Coast Highway and especially Pebble Beach Country Club. The Pacific is prettier than the Atlantic, but the people are a little bit unhinged. We came across a large group of people protesting the Iraq war, but they are the same ones who are in favor of abortion. Kill the babies --- Save the Muslims! Today, is totally off my radar screen. Living in Toledo, Ohio, you never expect to see anything controversial happening, but we are witness to how the Socialist Nazi Party works. They announced that they would march here to protest "Black Gangs" treatment of people in a largely white, Polish neighborhood in North Toledo. Well, the Nazis showed up after much pre-publicity on local radio shows, but they never marched. I believe that they depend on stirring up the people and then can prove their point without ever leaving the safety of their cars. Instead, gangs of young, black men rioted against the police who had been assigned to protect the neighborhood and prevent the invading Nazis from any harm. These young men broke into homes and businesses and looted and burned. Tonight, we are under curfew and the Ohio Highway Patrol has called up 50 extra troopers to patrol the district. I am so frightened! Even though I live across the river from Toledo, my daughter's husband is the Officer calling up the extra officers and he will be commanding them tonight. Why must our police be placed in this position for nothing, when so much is happening in the world? Yes, we have the war, Hurricane Katrina, wildfires in California, earthquakes in Pakistan, floods in the northeast and so many other truly important things. What is wrong? What can we do to stop useless people from living useless lives at the expense of society?