Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Wouldn't You Know?

Wouldn't you know that Hurricane Wilma is headed right for our new place in Florida? We haven't even finished the remodeling, but if Ft.Myers gets a direct hit, there goes all our hard work and all that new carpeting and furniture. Drat! I am left wondering whether or not Bed, Bath and Beyond and Linens n Things will take back the ton of stuff I have purchased since returning to Ohio in September. I'll have to cross my fingers and hope that some other poor soul gets the hurricane instead of us. Some nice person I am! That F150 will be ambling down I-75 either the 31st of October or next Monday if there is damage. Oh, I could just swear!


Teri said...
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Teri said...

Dear Kacey...thank you so much for your kind words on my new site, www.herestohappywomen.blogspot.com

Please feel free to visit anytime and spread the word.

I hope you survived unscathed from Wilma. I have a very good friend who lives in Naples. She, family and property are all okay, but her nerves are shot. I hope that my articles will help soothe yours.

Ciao for now, and remember...Happy women unite!

Teri Franta