Friday, May 13, 2005

Things are rushing along. My darling husband is busily training colts for a friend. The best part of the whole deal is that it keeps him out of my hair, gives him something he loves doing and he gets a few bucks for doing it. What more could I ask for? We have a kitchen without counter tops. The men are coming tomorrow to put in the new ones, then we will order the carpet for the rest of the condo. The about face is amazing. Jack has been agreeing to almost everything. Maybe, he has come to the realization that northwestern Ohio is home and always will be. He is having fun planning to remodel my bathroom and when it is all done, we will probably be ready to head back to Florida for another winter season, but renting this time. What a relief! My bright idea about making the upstairs into an exercise room is okay, but I have to find the time to do the goofy wallpaper border soon. The fans are installed and the exercise equipment makes it look like it was intended to be an exercise room. Make that a big plus for us --- a bonus room with a pull down stairs --- people who are in good enough shape to exercise should be able to climb those steps!
On this week's agenda is Alex and his videos. He came was in the top ten nationally for the Access Hollywood " The Ultimate Star Wars Fan". Then they had online voting and he made it to the top five in the country. Today, we found out that some 40 something with thousands of pieces of Star Wars junk won. But, my goodness, top five nationally is pretty darn good for an eighteen year old is great!
We are heading out on Monday to San Antonio for #2 grandson's graduation from Air Force Basic Training. Really, it is an excuse to go on a week's trip and run away from all duties. You just get so tired of keeping up with the younger generation. They don't know how much these bones and muscles hurt and how good it feels to get off your feet and onto your bottom. We look forward to seeing some scenery that is not I-75 between northern Ohio and southern Florida. Another fun thing is the shopping you get to do each time you go away. More new clothes! Yahoo! Next time I write anything here --- I hope my closet will be much lighter. I am seriously thinking of applying the two year rule. Haven't worn it---out it goes. Doesn't fit --- out it goes. Then, if all else fails --- the nuclear option --- go on a diet! Egads! That's about it for tonight --- see you next time I feel the muse upon me.