Saturday, December 3, 2005

December Blues

Bless the hearts of those souls who thought up the blog. Though December is notoriously hectic for women (okay guys, you have a little stress, too), I find myself slipping into Blogspot to read a few pithy comments. Some of the writers are genuinely funny and pick my spirits up in a period of overactivity of body and underachievement of mind. The snow outside is lovely to look upon, but really nasty to step into with high-heeled sandals. Which moron decided we should wear little strappy shoes when attending Christmas parties? I would go out and buy really wonderful dressy boots, except that my husband would kill me --- because, we are leaving for Ft. Myers in one week and boots, silky dresses and hot sunshine are tacky. Time is in such short supply, but here I sit .... accomplishing nothing, but the peculiar sense of ennui is draped over me like a funeral shroud. The Christmas letters are covering the dinette table in various stages of undone. The packing is in disarray .... half our clothes are in suitcases and I have forgotten which one has what in it. My newly purchased household furnishings are piled high in the garage, but the adoreable husband is grouching about the price of a U-Haul to drag them to Florida. And whose idea was it to buy again in FLorida? His! A little known fact (or rather... little thought fact) is that U-Hauls are really cheap if you are hauling one from southern Florida to northern Ohio, but don't contemplate visa versa...from Ohio to Florida is six times the price. Who would have thought that most of the U-Hauls wind up in Florida from the frozen north. I bet you could get a job just driving empty trailers back north from the sunny south! My cute youngest daughter had a major surgery on Wednesday and they are throwing her out in the snow today (insurance sucks) and I'll need to go stock up her fridge for their breakfasts and lunches. Dinners are already frozen in my freezer in anticipation of the grand opening. The question rumbling about in my head is ....why doesn't the husband think that the fridge is down a couple of pints and hit the local grocery? I think it is a man thing or maybe,.... is not a man thing. They have one wonderful son, but he is in New York for his first year of college. There again though.... if he were home, I'd be buying for three instead of two. The man versas woman thing just shows us that God truly made us different. Bless all men for their great right hemisphere brains and thank you, God for making women with pathways between the hemispheres, so something will get done!