Monday, November 21, 2005

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

The last posting indicated that we would be making a run for the border aproximately on Halloween or the 1st of November. Here we are in the frozen north and we are rapidly approaching December. Really, you would think that a pair of golden oldies would attempt to get their act together and head for sunshine, blue skies and white sand by the mile. We would have been there and I would have a paintbrush in my hand instead of a keyboard by now, except my other half has "stupid" written on his forehead. He picked up a muckbucket ( for the uninformed... that is a huge bucket that you use to pick road apples and wet bedding out of horses' stalls) full of water and popped two spinal disks back in October.Our family doctor thought it was muscle spasms and fluffed it off. After a week of barely moving and tremendous pain, I hauled his sorry arse to the hospital. The MRI showed the ruptured disks and now he is at the mercy of an advanced pain therapist, whom we lovingly call the voodoo doctor. He sticks needles into my darlin's spine in an attempt to shrink the swelling. These voodoo treatments are scheduled every two weeks for three visits, then you get to see a neurosurgeon. Things are getting better... he is driving and can move around without much discomfort, but the whole experience is starting to sound like life in an extended care facility. Lord, get me out of Ohio! (Personally, I think he likes the Dilaudid) Our timetable is so far out of whack that it may never again be back to normal. The Ft. Myers place didn't get a jot of damage from Wilma, which was fortunate, since the insurance was cancelled on Oct. 4th. The policy is back in effect, but something has gone from my spirit. We are told from the very beginning that the latter years will be wonderful. I wish I could remember who told me that... I would fire off a newsflash to them that would scorch their ears.
Speaking of that... I am on a new campaign. FOX's Bill O'Rielly has piqued my interest about the lack of "Merry Christmas" as opposed to "Happy Holidays" in our nations' stores. I am doing my bit to help the whole project on behalf of Christians everywhere. Today, I sent an e-mail to a local store that had wonderful things inside their catalog, but no mention of Christmas. (Unless you count Feliz Navidad by a singing Chiahuahua) I simply wished them a "Happy Holiday", but said I would not be shopping in their store, since I prefer a "Merry Christmas" in my home. I'm having a hard time understanding why 85% of Americans, who profess to be Christians should have to knuckle under for 15% of others in this joyous season. We are being sued right out of out traditions and culture. There will come a time when merchants will have no business in winter, because there is no Christmas to celebrate. My biggest plans involve writing a nice folksy letter to Kohl's, Sear's, Target, K Mart and others who do not recognize Christmas. This letter will wish them "Happy Holidays" and request the closure of my accounts with their plastic plates cut into a zillion little pieces. I will also mention that I will not be seeing any of them this season. So sorry, you know...but, there comes a time when we have to speak and be heard or silently watch the big boots march over our graves. In the Bible, there is a passage where God is asked if He would save an unrightous city if one good man could be found therein. You know the outcome.

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Teri said...

Let me be one of the first to say..."Merry Christmas" to you. Not "Happy Holidays," but "Merry Christmas!" I truly enjoy that you have discovered my site...I love your every once in awhile I like to pop over and see what's cookin' in Cookie's Oven...

Ciao for now...your new friend