Thursday, June 1, 2006

Twenty two years ago today, a beautiful baby girl was born to our youngest daughter and her husband. This was a first baby after one miscarriage, but unfortunately she was born with very little brain tissue. She existed on this earth for nine and one half years and then took flight to be with The Lord. During that time, our daughter had four more miscarriages, one little boy and another child just like our Courtney. That child died at birth. I think of our granddaughter many times ... on holidays, birthdays, the anniversary of her death and when dusting her pictures, etc. The many women who have lost children know the horrible feeling that goes with the loss... the whys, did I do anything wrong, what happens to cause these kinds of problems? In this case, we have thought probably the diethylstilbesterol I had taken twenty-three years before, when I was pregnant caused our daughter's many pregnancy related difficulties. I suppose I am writing today to warn young women, who were born between the early 1950's to the 1980's that their mothers may have take this drug to prevent miscarriage. If your mom is still alive, ask her if she took any medicine while pregnant. You could be a DES Daughter and need to talk to your physician about it. To my wonderful daughter and son-in-law.... our hearts are with you today as always.

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Teri said...

Dear have raised an incredible family. I wish I could have known you earlier.

Ciao bella...