Sunday, November 19, 2006

I Told You So!

I distinctly remember telling you that my husband of forever thinks you can pack for six months in Florida in a couple of hours and be out the door without a second thought to the details. I, on the other hand, agonize over the little things --- like we have shirts in the suitcases, but do we have any pants? Also, I try to take things out of circulation a couple of weeks in advance, so I can have them washed and ironed in time for the great journey. HRH (his royal highness) wants his things left intact for possible use right up until the last minute. Since I am the one who does the list making and packing, I thought he would humor me and use stuff that was not making the trip. I did tell you that he would get a couple of miles down the road before asking if his sunglasses were packed? He has his glasses, but today is Sunday and time for church. Dress pants? Check! Suitable shirt? Check! Dress shoes? Uh? I left them out for you to pack!!!! They are not in the closet? I left them out for you to pack!!!! Since we went through the whole house before firing up the truck, I'd be willing to bet he left his shoes in the walk-in closet in Ohio. For sure, they are not in Florida. Honey, would you like your Topsiders, sandals or tennies with that shirt? Perhaps next time, he will let me pack the essentials ahead of time. What a turkey --- and just in time for Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I feel for you Kacey!!!
maybe he should have changed the whole outfit and went to church with his sporty shirt and pants to match his tennis shoes?
Happy Thanksgiving!

Lisa said...


I hate to say it, but isn't that just like a man? I have to tell you, I could not even imagine making that kind of trip and packing accordingly every six months. I'm ashamed to say, I get a temporary "Y" chromosome when it comes to packing myself sometimes! If my husband and I had to live between two houses, we would have to have two totally separate wardrobes, otherwise it would just not work!!

...Always great to read your posts, by the way!

Take good care,

Antique Mommy said...

It seems that with every couple, one packs thoughtfully and methodically (me) and then the other packs haphazardly and forgets his dress shoes, toothpaste, underwear. Oh well. That's what they make Wal-Mart for!

Big Dave T said...

Happy Thanksgiving from Michigan, your favorite neighboring state. Now, I thought that church-goers in tropical Florida were allowed to wear sandals, shorts and Hawaiian shirts. Shows you how much I know.

I see you threw a jab at this Wolverine while his back was turned. You just got lucky this time. Our guys were down because of the death of our legendary coach Bo Schembechler. Leastways, he left the game, left life with class and dignity.

That can't be said of all coaching legends, you know.

Your Only Boy said...

Let me know if you want me to mail them to you. I've been living at your house since you left because you have a big HD TV and OSU looks much better then on my non-HD TV.