Wednesday, July 4, 2007

I've Been Tagged

Loving Annie tagged me for some fun. Here's the rules:


*We have to post these rules before we give you the facts.

*Players start with eight random facts/ habits about themselves.
* People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules. At the end of your blog post, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.

* Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged and to read your blog.


Random Fact #1. At seventeen, I eloped with my school bus driver after dating him for six weeks by forging my parents' permission and stamping the permission with dad's notary seal. He was a lawyer.- I'm going to jail! That permission is still on file at the courthouse over the state line, but we are still married after almost fifty-four years.

Random Fact # 2. In high school, I was a gymnast and walked a slack wire (as opposed to a tight wire). I could do the splits, swing sideways with the wire across my feet, sit down, lie down and get back up. Now, I find it tough to get up from the floor.

Random Fact #3. I went to nursing school when I was forty after being a stay at home wife and mother for twenty-two years. When I started working in a hospital as a nurse, I would have done it for free. Luckily, they didn't ask me to forego the paycheck.

Random Fact #4. I am an extremely fussy eater. No salad dressings, ketchup, mayo, sour cream, pickles, tomatoes. I eat most things totally plain, but have found out that there are a bunch of people just like me and it is genetic thing. Picky eaters like me are a pain in the butt have a funky response to bitter. I used to think I was weird, but my oldest grandson tested me in freshman biology and discovered my genetic trait.

Random Fact #5. I am an expert seamstress. Quick pat me on the back, before I break my arm trying to do it myself I started sewing at twelve by copying my sister's shorts pieces onto newspaper, cutting up a roll of my mom's tea toweling fabric and sewing the seams by hand with a needle using back stitch. I have made everything from leather coats to a wedding dress. After many years of sewing clothes for myself and my family, I have gone over to quilting --- because quilts last forever and are meant to keep people you love warm.

Random Fact #6. Reading is my life long passion. I have read medicine bottles, if detained in the bathroom. I must read at night to fall asleep. The written word is a thing of beauty. That must be why I read so many blogs. I caught my daughter today with the word "antimacassar" --- she never heard of it. Have you?

Random Fact #7. We live half the year in Ohio and half in Florida. Whichever state I am in --- I worry about our home in the other state and desire to be there. I don't know which one is my favorite --- Ohio is bigger, on a golf course and the furniture is more expensive, but Florida is easier to care for and life is really relaxed without a condo association to argue about every little thing. I think Ohio has to win, because my children and grands live here.

Random Fact #8. I am a perfectionist, but am learning that I can't keep it up forever. The spirit is willing, but the flesh is older than dirt weak.
Now, I tag these bloggers to carry on:
Big Dave


momofalltrades said...

It's a doily. Hee hee! I'm a reader too. The thing that cracks me up is that I'd be hard pressed to actually pronounce it.

Matty said...

It's those ratty old lace things my mom used to have on the couch!
I will try to carry on with your tag...but there is no way I can out-do you!
You were a 'wild one'.
I'm with you on Number 4. Hold the pickles, sour cream,cream cheese, mayo, ketchup.
My younger son is pickier than I am. With him, its hold everything, no onions, mushrooms, peppers, mayo, sour cream...and don't let one food touch another.
I agree with #6-I have read labels when I'm stuck..I read cookbooks, magazine's,,I 'borrow' them from hospitals and Dr's offices. I never leave home without a book..and must read at least a chapter before sleeping.,reading has been my one true passion in's never let me down...and all can goods must be in-line and all herbs & spices in alphabetical order.
You have a lovely list there! I bet you've made every child a quilt and every grandchild! What a beautiful keepsake! I wish I had the patience to sew...but I don't!

Carine said...

Got it Kacey! I will hold off on the blog I was going to write and go for it! 8 huh? hmmm....

Loving Annie said...

I will write more in detail in abit, but I believe thatan antimacassar is a crocheted doily of sorts that goes on the back of a chair, and was used predominantly during the civil war.
Is that correct ?

Or is it hair oil ?

Loving Annie said...

Okay, back again Kacey !

#1 - Wow. Very cool 'how we met' story ! Did your Dad ever forgive him - come to love and accept him ?

#2 - Ah, the days of heedless, confident flexibility !

#4 - What do you mean 'funky response to bitter' ? I didn't know that there was a fussy eater test :)

#5 - I adore quilts !!!! The more intricate ones with the thousands of 1" or 2' squares amaze me.... That is such an amazing art, and so much love goes into the hand making of them !

#6 Ditto. I read in the car when I am at a stoplight...

#7 - Sounds like a nice way to spend your year, between the two places !

Cathy said...

Kacey, Now I feel like I know you a little better. I love your fact number 1. Thats a great story. After 54 years, I don't think anyone's going to come put you in jail...:)

Of course you know I live in Ohio too, but my sister lives in Fla. in Lakeland, and I have a brother who lives in Post St Lucie but works in West Palm. I tried living in fla once. I lasted for 5 months. I missed the kids and grandkids to much.

Cathy said...

Make that PORT St. Lucie not Post.

Anonymous said...

Hello Kathy! I am taking your advice, although it took me awhile. I just had to comment on your 4th of July baby! Our firecracker just turned two this week! She makes me laugh every day! Doesn't like keeping the hair up for very long, but will let me fool with it once or twice a day! Anyway, I love your blog and I love how you put pictures from the past. We are doing well here--this is Renee Bergevin writing from Mongolia! Blessings

Big Dave T said...

I used to be an avid reader, but just don't have the patience for it anymore. I rarely finish any book I start. Well, writing's more fun anyway in my book.

So you tagged me?? Gee, I'm so average I don't think I could come up with eight random facts that would interest anyone. Maybe five. I'll have to try some time, but I wanted first to do a couple blogs on my kid's trip to Russia while it's still timely (he just got back).

Loving Annie said...

Good Monday morning the 16th to you, Kacey !

Lisa said...


I laughed about the detainment in the bathroom. I am considerate to myself and others and leave a magazine rack in mine for, um, long engagements...but I've been known to read Lysol cans in someone's bathroom if I have to spend more than two minutes in there with no reading material!!

Lisa said...

In my rush last night, I failed to comment on two things (one I didn't notice because of my rushed status, and the other was at the beginning of your post, and my middle-aged brain actually forgot about it by the end--):

First, I can not believe I raced into reading and commenting, and did not notice the BEAUTIFUL picture of you and the hubby!!! What is wrong with me??? You are gorgeous and he is dashing--what a couple!!

Second...that photo of you doing gymnastics is PRICELESS. Wow. Some amazing strength being displayed there!

Loving Annie said...

Hi on Tuesday the 17th Kacey ! Hope all is well with you -

Summer said...

Thanks! i will answer the tag soon on my blog.

Hootin'Anni said...

Hi! I just now found time to drop by for a visit and read your "8" list. Wow, I can eat just about anything except oysters! LOL And I too love to read...EVEN Rx labels.

Thanks for the visit.

Big Dave T said...

Just to let you know that I just put up my "eight random facts" blog. Hope I did it right.

Loving Annie said...

Hope you have a good weekend, Kacey ! Just checking in to see how you ae doing, and what is new with you !

Loving Annie said...

Happy Saturday Kacey !