Saturday, November 10, 2007


These pictures are not very clear, but this is something I saw on my deck this afternoon and I almost flipped out. Here in northwestern Ohio the leaves have fallen and the deck furniture is put to bed for the Winter. Lo and behold this squirrel appeared on the corner of the deck busily eating a small bird. He tore this little winged friend feather from feather before my very eyes. The pictures are lousy, because I had to slowly slide the screen door open without scaring him away and take the pictures through the glass. I Googled squirrel food and find that they are herbivores, except for the thirteen striped ground squirrel (a striped gopher). What is this world coming to? Ugh! I'll tell you one thing --- no more nuts and seeds from me for these blood thirsty creatures! It's just plain disgusting!


Carine said...

Kacey-how are you feeling? I guess I posted yesterday's question just before you wrote this entry! Actually I'm glad the picture isn't too clear. My sister and I used to scream bloody murder when our cat would bring us her "gifts" and then eat it all over the bathroom (we'd shut her in and use our parents bathroom until mom got out the remnants! LOL
Probably why I never let my Snowy and now Pepper outside. ew

Matty said...

Ack! Kacey...that's disgusting! I have a lot of squirrel's & chipmunks on my deck..and they are forever raiding the bird houses...I have never in my life seen them eating a bird...unless that squirrel is just one of a kind?
Tonight on the news they were showing some feeders that are squirrel-proof and now I'm seriously thinking of getting some for next year.
Enough is should send that pic to your newspapers. I've never seen or heard anything like that.

Big Dave T said...

It's tough to be a bird (wasn't that the name of a Disney short?)

I've seen a couple birds in our subidivision get carried away by hawks. I'm thinking, aren't there rodents they could be eating instead?

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

Well, I take this to mean that you've survived your recent surgical procedure! Whew!!!!!

And I agree that this squirrel's meal choice is shocking and disgusting. I don't know what to make of it!


Loving Annie said...

ick. I know it is nature, but...

Jen said...

That is disturbing...interesting, but also disturbing! Guess we can all learn something new every day!