Saturday, March 22, 2008

When It's Springtime in Ohio

It is Easter weekend. We left sunny south Florida last week

for a few days at home in Ohio
to see the vascular doctor. Apparently, Florida doctors don't like snowbirds, so we are forced to fly north for care when things go awry. We awoke this morning to this view across the golf course where we live. Last Saturday, I actually saw a couple of die-hard golfers playing in pretty chilly weather. They had reason to believe that winter had done its worst and was out of here. Think again! --- Winter got a mulligan! The Husband had to drive twenty miles in the blowing snow last night. He hasn't driven in snow for six years and was amazed at how incompetent he felt. For me --- it is beautiful, but I'm going back to Florida for another six weeks as soon as the doctor says all is well. Sheesh!


Carine said...

I hope for your sake, the dr clears you post-haste. I know I'd rather be in the warmth and sun than the snow. Pretty though it is, nothing beats a true Spring day

Big Dave T said...

Can I come with you? I had to shovel about eight inches of the "beautiful" white stuff this morning. I thought I was done with this.

Hoping you get medical clearance to head back to warmer climes.

Granny Annie said...

Kacey, thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying the tour of yours and will be back.

Betty said...

Wow- this looks amazingly similar to where I live- a week ago, that is. Crocuses are blooming now, although today was pretty nippy.


Matty said...

I'm wishing that everything goes well tomorrow. It must drive you crazy...not knowing what to have to keep your winter wardrobe as well as your summer wardrobe handy. Let us know what happens..