Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Some days you feel like a nut, some days you don't!

For the last couple of weeks, I have felt like t he face on the right. (Blah or worse.) Unfortunately, I am in Florida and my doctors are in Ohio. We have been unable to find a doctor in Fort Myers, who actually wants to take care of "snowbirds". Last year, we discovered that we could drive up I-41, otherwise known as Tamiami Trail and there find a group of wonderful doctors, known as Port Charlotte Urgent Care. We stopped there the day after Christmas and were sent to The Peace River Hospital. It was something as simple as indigestion, but by this age, I have had an esophageal fundoplication (the top of your stomach is wrapped around the bottom of your esophagus to keep your stomach from sliding up into your chest cavity). Also, I had a celiac stent placed in the artery that goes from your aorta to your liver. These two things tend to confuse the issue with ordinary doctors. The hospital sent me to a nice Arabic doctor who ordered CAT scans of my chest and my abdominal cavity . Then, he promptly left town for several days. By last Saturday night, I was rolling in agony and went back up the road to the hospital and the ER doc decided that my EKG had radical changes since the 26th and he plopped my butt directly into a hospital bed and called a cardiologist. This guy was a doll with a no nonsense attitude and he transported me to a Regional Hospital where they are equipped to handle heart problems. I actually got my first ride in an ambulance. He did a cardiac cath on Monday with two stents and sent me home to recover. Now, we come to the crux of my problems....why the heck do I have indigestion? The endoscopy surgeon hasn't shown up in my life (he is entertaining out of town company), the admitting doctor followed my medicine list directly from my computer history *( he doesn't know me from Adam or Eve) and the cardiologist has placed two stents in my heart preventing anyone else from doing any procedures that would help my indigestion.

One other piece of info.... I got home on Tuesday and people we are acquainted with from home came by and bought our place here in Ft. Myers, so I suppose I'll go home and see my "real" doctors. In the meantime.... if you are a medical blogger... please stop by and tell me what the heck I should do....short of dying. My birthday was Wednesday and I would like to go out and celebrate with something a bit tastier than Jello or applesauce!


Cathy said...

Kacey, goodness you have alot going on. So happy they admitted you and that Dr. did your stents. Next, I want to give you a big Happy Birthday hug. I hope you get feeling better soon so you can enjoy your day.

About your indigestion. Are you on any PPIs since having your fundoplication? You know I had that surgery also and mine was a failure and I still today continue on 40 mg nexium twice daily. If you are on one of the PPIs and still getting this heartburn I would be concerned of it being caused by another reason. Maybe your recent heart issues is what is causing it? I don't know if that happens or not. Also have you tried any of the OTC acid reducers along with a PPI?

Just some things I have thought of. Are you having spasms with this heartburn? Did the ER try a GI cocktail?

Oh honey, I hope you get better soon.

Funny, we are talking about heartburn and your esophagus and the word verification is "SCOPE"...Ha! I think you may need one.

Molly said...

Sorry to hear you're having such a nasty start to 2009 Kacey!Will you be returning early to Ohio? If you're passing this way and feel up to it, we should meet up for a cup of coffee---or jello and/or applesauce!
Happy belated b'day! my grandson turned six today. I hardly notice which number my own b'days are these years, but as the grandchildren get older it reminds me!
I hope you'll be feeling much better very soon.

Granny Annie said...

I have had all your symptoms and diagnosis. I have stents after MI and I was diagnosed with esophogitis. Now I am totally reflux free with two Nexium capsules per day -- one in the AM one in the PM. Prilosec does NOT work and should not be a generic replacement for Nexium, I don't care what they say.

Believe me friend Kacey, I feel your pain. Bless it's little heart.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

happy birthday honey! i am SO sorry you are having all these problems. and you really sold your place in florida? gosh. if i had to choose only one i'd sell the northern one but that's just me. hope you get answers my friend... so you can eat some CAKE!

hugs, bee

Loving Annie said...

Oh Kacey,
Happy belated birthday - and very obviously not a fun one ! Hugs and so sorry that you are going through this - hope that one of your real doctors at home will find a workable solution, and you will feel better VERY soon !

Big Dave T said...

If I didn't have my rantidine, generic for Zantac, I'd suffer stomach ills 24/7. Maybe you need to check your diet at least until the doc can do something more permanent.

Couldn't be an ulcer, could it, like from watching OSU in their bowl game?

Happy birthday from the frigid north.

Carine said...

Kacey, first a very heartfelt belated Happy Birthday. I'm so sorry you weren't able to enjoy it. I will be sending lots of positive thoughts, vibes and prayers that you will find an answer and relief 'TOUTS SUITE'

Sideways Chica said...

Hey there Chica! Sent you an e-mail - and now I have all the details on your medical angst!

Hope you feel better soon!

Ciao bella!

Betty said...

Oh my heavens. I wish I knew how to help. It sounds as if you need a medical clairvoyant! I will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us posted, Kacey!

Extra hugs,

Lovells Eye said...

When God comes to heal us
It’s final and complete
There is nothing that is lacking
When He meets us in our need

Whether it be in our body
Or the hurt within our soul
He will touch the point of need
And will truly make us whole
By M.S. Lowndes - edited
The Lovells Eye
A caring friend indeed

Callie said...

I just found your blog while searching for info about quilts and spent a long time reading and LOL at all your funny stories and jokes. Thanks for the laughs! Sure hope you are feeling better and are settled down in a place where you can get to some great doctors. Be well and happy!

Molly said...

Kacey? It's been a while...I hope all is well with you. Hugs from Molly

Betty said...

Kacey, you are being missed and thought of and prayed for.

Many hugs,

Lovells Eye said...

How many hits
Can a Cookie Oven take
Before it realizes
It’s out of cake?

Poor cookies!
Poor cake!
Where’s Kacey
For goodness sake?

We’ve high expectations
We’re full of hope
That you’ll return soon
And end our mope!

So tell us you’re alive
Through a messenger we plead,
We’re waiting you see
For the cookies we need.
the Lovells Eye

Matty said...

Hi Kacey,
Sorry..It's been so long...but I do read the blogs once every 2 weeks.
A very happy belated birthday to you. My granddaughter shares your wonder she's so smart!
I'm sorry to hear about your medical journey. It's too bad you sold the place in's my dream to one day win the lottery and buy a place there...hopefully to retire
I guess making choices is a part of getting old.