Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Apnea Machine

Last week, the husband went to the Apnea Clinic and according to their standards --- he flunked! I've been hearing from friends in real life and in the blogashpere that many people are having this same testing done. Also, many people are getting hooked up to the machines every night for the rest of their lives. The thing is --- you might be saved from an early death from respiratory arrest, but you might never sleep again. Who had the bright idea to strap a moist air machine to your head with it's mask stuck up your nose and a hose leading to the machine? Can people really sleep like that? Maybe they can and thus arrive at the REM state of sleep, but their bed partner might never sleep another night. If it gets twisted or loosened or any other advent during the night --- it begins to sound like a circle saw bent on adding a new room onto your bed. Someone is getting rich! The husband is managing to sleep eight or nine hours, but the REM stage is elusive at best. I, on the other hand, have been hiding my head under my cuddle pillow to shut out the wooshing and squealing noises and after about four hours, am up and pacing the floor, flopping on the couch or watching T.V. in the LazyBoy. Last night, or rather at 4:00 this morning, I had a full blown panic attack. The only other one I ever had was over ten years ago and I recognized it immediately, this time. But, when you have been married forever, you don't want to start sleeping in another room. If I thought that this get rich quick machine would really keep him from dying, I would go quietly into that dark night and let the machine win. However, he doesn't feel any less sleepy in the daytime and his nose hurts from the strap and I am so tired! The newest feeling is atrial fib several times a night, because what he really needed in the first place was a pacemaker to speed up his old heart. I can't say anything to him about the pain in the arse machine, because it would look really tacky to stop him from using the machine and then have something happen to him. Now, he is saying that he wants to go to Florida and forget about the whole thing. How can doctors become such a force in your life without your permission? Stay tuned --- I might get out the sledge hammer and smash that thing!


Big Dave T said...

Is that what they call a C-PAP machine? Seems like I heard about those when I worked for an Otolaryngology department. Surgery seemed to help with some sleep apnea folks. It's true, though. A lot of people have sleep apnea. My wife seems to.

For my money, there's too many of these "See your doctor if you have problems with . . . " ads on TV. They're often scare tactics that exaggerate the risks.

Summer said...

Kacey, I feel for you..i hope you guys find a way for this so your husband can sleep better and you too!

Teri said...

Wow. The things I learn from my cyber friends. I can tell you are tired chica, but good for you to still have your sideways sense of humor intact.

Ciao bella...my thoughts are with you.

Andrew said...

Hi Kacey,
I'm with you! I don't do well with noise machines in the bedroom. I have the same issue with running the air conditioner in the window when I'm trying to sleep.

I have a hammer if you need to borrow one.

Have a great weekend!

momofalltrades said...

I'm so sorry you guys are having trouble with it! Hubster's has made a huge difference, it's quiet and the only thing that bothers me about it is the light it gives off, I'm getting used to that. It did take a couple weeks of making adjustments to get it just right, so maybe if you hang in there? Ours is a REMstar Auto M series and the mask is made by Respritronics and everywhere it contacts his face is a super soft gel, not even a line on his face in the morning! Hope that helps.