Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Thanks for the Memories

Tonight, my darlin' husband is sleeping away from home. No, he's not messing around, he's sleeping at an apnea center to record why his heart rate drops to the low 30's during the night. I think he's just lazy and doesn't want to expend enough energy to get his ticker going any faster. The problem is --- we've been married so long that I can't sleep when he isn't home. I've been sitting here reading some wonderful blogs and looking through some of the pictures I have loaded into my folders. The picture on the left is one that was taken at my Junior Prom. The interesting thing is that the cute guy with me was not my boyfriend. He was my older sister's steady in high school until they both went to separate colleges. She met another dude at the local college and ditched this great guy. This wonderful young man was so sweet to me. I didn't have a date for the big prom and he was a fantastic dancer, so I wrote him a letter and asked if he would take me, providing I bought the bid and he would be home from Ohio University that weekend. He obliged me and we spent a super evening talking about my sister! (He still couldn't get her out of his mind)
His willingness to escort me was a great break for me. My classmates did not vote on a queen of the prom --- that was reserved for the Senior Prom. Instead, the dance band picked three Sweethearts of the Prom and surprise! They picked me to be one.
I know they noticed me because of this young man's dancing! He was really great on his feet and I was able to follow him(like a brother). I'm not writing about this to pat myself on the back, but for the big kicker of the whole deal. He took me to two big dances that year and I have pictures and nice memories of those times, but the big deal? He turned out to be a movie producer in Hollywood! My husband and I were invited to his wedding in Scotland, but could not attend because I was busily having babies every year for a while. It's fun to look at old pictures and think --- I dated a big wheel Hollywood type, even if he really had a thing for my sister. Thanks for the memories, Wayne.


momofalltrades said...

What fun stories! My hubster just got a fancy new machine for his sleeping/snoring/not breathing problem. It's making a big difference in his energy level. I guess a good nights sleep is all he's been lacking. Hope your hub gets something that works for him!

Summer said...

Kacey, Nice memory...i hope your husband is back home so you can sleep well!! keep those nice blogs coming..take care and have a wonderful day.

Big Dave T said...

Coincidentally, there is a sleep apnea clinic just down the hall from where I work. In the same building. Not sure why they built it here, because we're near an airport and a major expressway where trucks constantly jake-brake to let you know they're nearby.

So if his clinic is anything like this one, he probably won't sleep much either, if it's any consolation.

molly said...

I think you were voted sweetheart because you were just beautiful. I'm sure the dancing didn't hurt, though. My husband had to do the whole sleep apnea thing. He now sleeps with a c-pap machine, much better for him. My dad had to do it also. Hope they were able to find out what's going on.

Cheryl said...

We have a friend who has being using a machine also, for about a year or so. Apparently it's improved things for him.

It does seem like there are a lot of people using them. Maybe your right about the get rich quick, oops, machine keeping them alive. Makes you wonder!