Saturday, January 20, 2007

Curiouser and Curiouser

Our dear friend, who has talked half the state of Ohio into moving to Florida for the season, if not the entire year, swears that this is Heaven on Earth and all cities have just as high a crime rate. The nightly news is full of mayhem and murder,---- old people falling into canals, children being snatched from their mothers' arms, horrific crashes on the Interstate, bank holdups, gang fights and multiple other items of good cheer and reasons to stay awake all night for protection. This friend says that it is our imagination when we claim that there seems to be more crime in southern Florida than in northern Ohio. It makes sense to me that crime in Ohio is not as prolific at this time of year. Burglars and felons are not completely stupid. Why freeze your tochas off, when you can have all the crime you want down here in your shirt sleeves? We live in a doublewide park for people over fifty-five years old. Translated --- a candominium for crotchety old people who insist that anyone under fifty-five is bound to be wild and stay up past 9:30, keeping the good senior citizens from sleeping with their riotous living. In the words of John Denver,---"The sidewalks are rolled up precisely at ten and people who live here are not seen again". We heard that a lady and her sinful live-in partner were robbed while they peacefully slept, blissfully unaware that a burglar had cut the screen and waltzed in through the window. On a nearby street, a lady was attacked in her bed ( a lovely euphemism for sexually assaulted), but we are to shut our eyes and pretend that all is well in paradise. We never locked our doors when we lived for nineteen years in the country to raise horses. Part of our certainty that we were safe was a pair of Australian Shepards, who roamed freely and were big enough to scare intruders away with a sweet snarl. I watch these older people keep their windows covered and private, while wondering what in the world they thought anyone would be interested in watching or seeing. The sagging bodies of people in their seventies are just not big on "peeping toms" list of fun things to do on Friday night.
So, we arrive at this night. The husband played golf today and then we went out with friends for dinner and back to their house for lots of laughing and scratching over some card games that only idiots would play. Since it was so much fun, you know where I stand on the idiot scale. Once home, my honey dropped into bed and I checked out a few blogs on my computer. While I was sitting here in my big terrycloth robe --- with the front window uncovered for the whole world to see --- I caught sight of a man out of the corner of my eye. He was just rounding the corner of our front porch and I thought perhaps he was the man next door, who is here just for a week with his little son and his mother. I tried to act nonchalant and got up from my chair, as if I were going for a Coke or some such inane thing. I thought I could duck into the kitchen and peer out a darkened window to make sure he was going next door, where they have the prerequisite security lights that all golden oldies seem to need. After disappearing around the corner of our doublewide, he ducked out of sight and the next thing I know ---- he was riding on a bicycle out into the street in front of our place. He was young, too young for this place. I feel like an absolute fool for sitting here night after night with my lovely Dell Laptop. You know---come rob me --- I am old and stupid. You all know what I have been doing --- sitting here typing away, while I wait to see if he appears again. I am trying to act as though I didn't really notice anything amiss, but inside --- I am scared and just awakening to the idea that times have changed and I have not kept up with the world. If I go to bed --- should I take the hammer or the big wooden spoon I used on my kids when they were naughty? As you can see, my choice of weapons is woefully inadequate very limited. Tomorrow --- I'm off to WalleyWorld for a gun security lights!


Big Dave T said...

I think seniors are better at watching out for one another than some of the rest of us. That helps.

I'm not sure Ohio is without its share of crime, though. I know the Wolverines get robbed in Columbus fairly regularly. (And I won't even mention what happens to the fans who come along for the game)

Carine said...

I hear just as many horror stories about those of us who live near the LA Basin! I'm not quite ready to call myself "old", although, I am about to become a grandma (eek!), but I do think we all should take more of an interest in one another's care and safety!

Matty said...

That's scary as hell! Get a bee-bee gun or something!
I wanted to say something silly like,,,,I hope you were sitting there 'nekkid', and give him something to look at.......but I know its not a joke!
Maybe he was hoping nobody was home, and wanted to break-in?
That's the part of getting old that scares me!
When you feel intimidated by thugs and creeps!
That's no way to live!
I heard on the news that Los Angeles is the highest crime city, but honestly, its everywhere!
Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel safe!
Good outside lights,,alarm system,,,I've heard of a recording of wild dogs when someone gets close to windows or doors!
I hope you get some sleep,,,,but not until you get a good alarm system installed.
Please let us know 'your safety measures',,,,,,and no, forget the gun......what is someone breaks in, and finds it and uses it to commit a crime?
Also, having a neighbourhood watch helps!
Wishing you the best.

Teri said...

Yes, the times have changed. I keep a big (huge) metal MAG flashlight within reach of my bed -- the better to see them with and then the better to bust them in the chops!

Ciao safe and get those lights installed soon so you can get some rest.