Thursday, January 18, 2007

Strange Things are Happening

You just can't trust anybody these days! We left Ohio and drove to our place in Florida last week. When we arrived and walked in through the screened in porch, this was the sight that greeted us. Keep in mind that the doors were locked and the neighbor told us that he checked things four days before our arrival. We were really stumped --- thirty pounds of glass everywhere you looked. If you look closely, you can see a fairly heavy ceramic frog sitting on the under ledge of the table. He didn't have a scratch on him,--- just sitting there--- ribbit, ribbit! Oh, yeah --- that white stuff outside is not snow--- that is Ft. Myers sand. It's beatiful! After unpacking, getting settled in and wishing we had a snow shovel for all that glass, we started asking friends what could have happened. The apparent culprit was an airshow in Punta Gorda with four Air Force jets breaking the sound barrier over our place. The vibration of the jets made the heavy frog jump up over the umbrella hole in the table (the weakest point of the safety glass) and the thing just plain exploded --- showering the porch in little glass bits. We have spent five days looking for another table, but they don't like to sell them separately, so we had a Formica tabletop made yesterday and it matches the table legs. There's more than one way to skin a cat! I wonder if I can send the bill to the Air Force? It's great to be back in the beautiful weather and we just beat that terrible Winter ice storm that hit the country --- I guess I shouldn't complain about a little glass.


Big Dave T said...

What a welcome home, eh. Could have been worse. You could have been sitting at that table there when it happened. That could have been dangerous.

Yeah, our respective teams didn't carry the Big Ten banner too well during bowl season. I guess that titanic fight in Columbus took the stuffing out of both our teams.

Big Mama said...

Wow! I couldn't figure out what I was looking at at first. That is a lot of glass.

Matty said...

For a moment there, I thought your place got robbed! Good thing you weren't sitting there at the time!
The very same thing happened to me,,,,while I was sitting on my deck with my grandchild......we had a wind storm and the umbrella came crashing down on the very same table.......
I couldn't believe the amount of glass I picked up,,,,,billions of pieces,,,,,and some of it I had to hose off through the deck, and cleaned for days to make sure the grandkids didn't get any bits in their feet.
I also couldn't replace the glass and didn't want to.

I then got a steel table, with 12 x 12 ceramic tiles, so if one breaks, they are easy to replace.

For weeks, I was still picking little bits of glass from between the deck! I will never get a glass table again!
Count yourself lucky, it could have been worse.