Sunday, December 31, 2006

And a Happy New Year!

The excitement is underwhelming. I remember an old T.V. ad where the lady in question is trying to get out of going out with a real dork. So, she tells him she can't go out, because she has to wash her hair. Guess what I did on this night of joyous abandon? Right! I washed my hair. The husband is still hanging out in the LazyBoy and waiting for his last epidural, so we can run back to Florida. The translation is --- Holy Cow, I have to pack up again! Since we shouldn't be in Ohio right now, nobody thought to invite us anywhere. I think I'll pull out the party hats and bang on a big pot at midnight. Actually, I think I'll go back to my current book, while the husband is in the grip of yet another football game on his HDTV. The whole point of coming into my blog tonight is to wish all my blogger friends ---

A Very Happy New Year!


Summer said...

Happy New Year!!

Big Dave T said...

I hope you and your's have a happy new year as well (except sports).

My wife and I haven't gone out for New Year's in mmmmmmmmm, let's see, ummm, we've NEVER gone out for New Year's Eve. Tradition has always been a family games night with the in-laws at our house.

This year we played Outburst and one of the questions was "Who were the actresses who played Charlie's Angels" over the years. I could only come up with three (out of ten). Man, am I getting old.

Summer said...

Dear Kacey,
Happy Birthday to you..May you enjoy many many years of health and hapiness with your family. Enjoy!

Lisa said...


Once again, I'm unable to post a comment due to the fact that I'm "not a team member"! ;)

I tried to post the following on your very touching article about your daughter:


Oh, my dear blogging friend...I am so sad with tears in my eyes for what your family had to go through. That poor little angel, suffering through nine whole years of agony, and the pain of her family having to watch her go through it. So devastating.

I see a lot of painful handicaps at my job. Fortunately, most of the consumers that I deal with are very high-functioning, high enough that you want to smack them sometimes because they're so fresh! But I also see human beings with helmets on their heads strapped into wheelchairs, with no conception that the world is going on around them. They don't even seem to know that they're here. But somewhere, somehow, they were kept alive by someone, and our company provides the services that these people need. I commend the individuals who care for these handicapped kids...they are true angels, and they love what they do. They are the people to bless.

By the way, I was curious about the last picture and where it was taken.

Take good care,

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

Well, I didn't wash my hair on New Year's Eve, but I did go to bed before midnight! (I think it was defiance, considering all the nights that I do happen to be still up and running at midnight!)

Happy New Year!!!