Friday, December 8, 2006

Whoops, He did it again!

I can tell that you are wondering why the snow and bare naked trees, when we are supposedly enjoying the sunshine and blue skies of southern Florida. Having bored the bejabbers out of all my friends and acquaintances for a couple of months while we packed up and raced out of Ohio, I am reluctant to tell yall' that he did it again. We have been enjoying the wonderful weather here for almost five weeks and suddenly "the husband" put his back out while remodeling the utility room. I have to put my reverse gear into action and start scouring the cupboards and drawers to see what we have to take back to Ohio for a month or six weeks. I am loading up the truck without the aide of the brute who is hanging out in the LazyBoy. It's time to call the utilities and get them turned back on and get appointments with the pain management doctor at home. We have been down this road before and I really think that I'm getting too old to pretend that I can handle this sort of thing by myself much longer. On the other hand, we will be home with our children and grandkids for Christmas. I think we should put in a fireplace at home --- I could keep warm and hang stockings, too! The question is --- do you think the big cities along the route home are ready for a little old lady driving a Ford F-150?


Lisa said...

Oh, Kacey, that is just awful!! After all that you went through just to get down there!

I hope the hubby feels better soon. I imagine it will be wonderful to spend the holidays with your kids...and maybe even a little white stuff! Palm trees are great, but maybe you'll have a white Christmas!

Take good care,

Teri said...

No matter what, you still have that sideways sense of humor I adore! I wish you an uneventful trip back to Ohio, and a wonderful time with your family. I am also saying a little prayer for your husband's back...and for yours, which I am sure is already aching.

Take care sideways chica (the original. I'll be thinking of you and that big F-150!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Kacey
With your sense of humour, I think you can handle anything! And if you need help, get it! Some things we are able to do easily, and some things its better to get help with., or you will end up in a chair next to the brute! lol. After all, you need to save some energy for your kids at xmas.
Take care, safe trip,

Anonymous said...

Kacey, I know you will be able to handle it!! you have done it many times before. i wish you best of luck. i hope that you will have a very safe and peaceful trip back home and enjoy your time with your family. drive safe and be happy!

Kacey said...

Thank you everyone for all the support. We are home after two days on the road --- a total of about eighteen hours. Jack made the trip with the aid of a cane and a handful of Darvocet N-100 and is looking forward to seeing the pain specialist. If they can't fix it with the epidural treatments, then it is off to the neurosurgeon. I'm hoping to get back to Florida by February. My kids have brought groceries, turned on the water and turned up the heat. It's so good to see them again --- who needs sunshine and blue skies?

Teri said...

There you go again Kacey, putting me to shame by making delicious lemonade with those Florida lemons! Good for you chica. I think I'll try making some myself! ;)