Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Fatigue with Google

It's simply amazing that we can spend every waking moment on preparations for Christmas, then awaken on the morning of the 26th with a feeling of letdown. The party's over! We have managed to live joyfully through another year of excess and fatigue. Three loads have run through the dishwasher, tablecloths and napkins are laundered and ironed, but the vacuum is still waiting to see whether or not someone will gather up the energy to push it around one more time. May I have this dance? Anyone may take the job from me, since I have given in to overload.
Yesterday and today have been devoted to switching my blog over to Google's new version. Since I am of the wrong generation to be a computer whiz, this was no easy task. I am thwarted at every turn. You can't have the name "Cookie's Oven" --- it is already taken. No kidding! I think I know who is hogging the name. You can't use that password to get into the new version --- you must use a Google account. What was that form I filled out for Google? They sent a verification, but forgot the housekey to my new home. Okay--- I think I've got it --- it took my identity and password, but sent me nowhere! Okay! I'll keep clicking on the faint white sign that says click here to continue --- nothing happens. So two hundred and three tries later, I decided to right click and try "open in a new window." Voila! Don't ask me why it worked, but it did. If anyone is able to read this post, it is proof that I still have a blog and it works --- just don't switch your account to the "new Google blogger" while in a state of Christmas fatigue. Wait until New Year's Day while you are hungover and it will be clear as mud!


Summer said...

i am here, reading your blog..i have noticed the new look and it looks crisp and somewhat new...few changes here and there but i hope it works out for you..when i switched to Beta i regreted it but in couple of hours i got used to it and now i love it!! i changed my blog name but kept the same web address, and of course i have to log in with my google account will find it easy..try it when you want to change the layout or the settings, it is user friendly and needs no brain at all!! have fun with it and have a great 2007!

Big Dave T said...

That's a cute picture of you. Okay, they're both cute pictures.

I think your experience is why I will stay true to the old ways of doing business and if need be die out with them.

(That's actually a line from a famous Christmas movie, but it works here).

Have a great holiday.

Kacey said...

Dear Summer, From what I read while flitting about on Google's crossover site --- Beta is dead and they are going to switch everyone over to their Google blog. Perhaps, they are going to change you yet again! Sorry, I know you just got used to the new beta.

Kacey said...

Dear Dave, I, too, would stay true to the old ways, but it said somewhere in the fine print that they are in the process of changing everyone over to the new Google Blog and as I told Summer, "Beta is dead", according to the little orange B up on the left of the blogger page. They have an X thru it and there is a pop-up that tells you that the old blogger is on vacation. Looks like we all get switched whether we want to or not. I just figured out that the easiest way to get into my "new" blog is to piggy back in on your comment that comes into my e-mail. Way cool --- thanks for the ride!

Lisa said...


I, too, feel great letdown after the holidays. I love Christmas, and I miss it when it's gone. I'm still listening to Christmas music!! Good luck with the new version of your blog...hope you find a real catchy name!

Take good care,

Matty said...

Love your new look, and funny but I pictured that you look exactly the way you do!
Yes, don't we all feel exhausted after Christmas? but its worth it!
This Christmas was my best yet! I have so much to be thankful for!
I did switch over to Google's version when I first registered, so maybe I'm lucky, but even there, it took me a good week, and many tears., and I'm glad I did.
Wishing you the best in the New Year!