Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Look Who's Coming to Town!

My blog has been temporarily put out to pasture. The reason for my lack of time is #5 grandchild. Spring break is upon us and the college students are winging their way southward. This cute, curly haired blond is the last of my oldest daughter's three boys. Her oldest is twenty-five and lives in D.C. He worked for Gov. Taft for three years and now is heading to graduate school for his law degree. We keep trying to talk him into coming back to the midwest and attending a local college, but the political bug has bitten and unfortunately there is no vaccine for that. Her second son is twenty-three, in the Air Force and has just completed eighteen months of Arabic language school and heading for something secret, but he is not allowed to tell us anything about his job. Luckily for the U.S.A., this guy would never tell anyone anything --- he is the original closed mouth dude. He says, "If I tell you, I would have to shoot you!" I believe he would do it. Lastly, we have her twenty year old guy, who works two jobs and is a junior in college. We have put everything on hold and have stocked up the fridge, because we get to see a grandchild and his lady friend for the next week. (She is absolutely adorable!) I have cooked and frozen until the freezer door won't close any more. He is a year older than this picture and has grown the scruffy hair stuff in the middle of his face --- people are calling him "McSteamy". because of the guy on Grey's anatomy. I'm excited to see them here in the land of sunshine and we will finally have an excuse to hit the beaches. Old people just don't go to the beach and flop on a towel, without an excuse. We have arranged for a boat trip out into the Gulf of Mexico for Sunday and I'm thinking of renting Segues over on Sanibel for some fun. If that doesn't pan out, we might go kayaking in Matlacha Pass. Anyone have any good ideas? After these kids leave, I have three weeks until the next spring breakers. If you want to see your children and grands, move to Florida and I guarantee they will come see you. Okay, Ryan--- hurry up!


Matty said...

What great news! Nothing like visit to cheer me up. I get so much done when I know visitors are coming.
Hope you take a lot of pics! God only knows when you'll see them again.
I don't live in Florida, just cold Canada here, but when I get young visitors, we play board games and card games.
Have a wonderful week! I can see where he gets the blonde looks! What a handsome boy.

Big Dave T said...

So you're taking a break from blogging!? As opposed to . . .
(I've been waiting for a new post for some time.)

Our son is coming home this weekend from Michigan State. But he's just working; no fun stuff. He's earning money to study in Russia this summer. Guess there'll be some fun then. Maybe he'll meet a sweet young Russian lass.

So you're having trouble thinking of fun things to do in sunny, warm Florida? That's pretty bad. Break out the Yahtzee.

Anthony the Loser said...
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Carine said...

a visit is worth a thousand words, enjoy! we'll miss you more, but you enjoy!

Lisa said...

When I grow up I want to be a grandma just like you!

Summer said...

Enjoy having the grand kid over and his lady friend..i am sure you all will have a lot of fun and food!!

Sideways Chica said...

Hey chica...get out a deck of cards and play a little poker in the evenings or late afternoons BEFORE the youngsters hit the town. Another fun one is Phase Ten, or a card game called golf with a regular deck of cards. My guys and their friends all enjoy playing cards in the between hours with us. Can play for money, just don't make the stakes too high. Phase Ten is a special deck available at drug stores, targets, walmart, etc. The cards, not the dice. The "golf" game rules can be found on the internet. Just play that 7's and Kings are zeros..more fun and the way my son plays it in college.

Have fun!

Loving Annie said...

Just came by to say hello after seeing your comment on Andrew's Love Honor and Dismay blog ! I agreed with you - what a lazy man -- she should kick him out the door !
Enjoy your grandchild and I just know you two will find fun things to do

Loving Annie said...


OhMyGoodness !!!!! You read Forever Amber !!!! I LOVE THAT BOOK !

I always wished there had been a sequel, because I wanted to know if she ever ended up with Bruce in the end, but I think he was happy with his well-bred and gracious wife, Lady Carleton...

I loved Princess Diana as well. I just think she and Charles were so mismatched. She said they only had 12 dates from their first flirtation at the polo match to when he asked her to marry him !

I do think her death was an accident though. Too hard to engineer it. She and Dodi could have stayed at the Ritz all night...

The latest book on her by Sarah Bradford just made me sad though. I disagree that she was a borderline, that was cruel. But she WAS messed up.
She never learned how to take responsibility for her actions, or stopped playing 'vicitm'... Shame. She was a great Princess and Mom...

There is another new one out about King Charles II mistress, Nell Gwynne that you might like by Diane Haeger called 'Perfect Royal Mistress'.

Also a good one by Carolly Erickson on the last wife of Hnery VIII, Katherine Parr.

And I flat out adore anything by Philippa Gregory. She has written 4 or 5 of them in the last few yeas about Catherine of Aragon, Queen Elizabeth I and Anne Boleyn, etc...

I'm adding you to my links as well !
I am almost 49, btw, and am childless except for my cat, Flopsy... (you mentioned I was close to your eldest child in age...)

Anyway, Kacey, good to hear from you, and have a very very good Monday.

Loving Annie

dawn said...

I came through Carine's blog. So glad to see young people still enjoying their grans. Have fun.

Matty said...

Today I'm Number name on Diva's is Snookers.
Didn't know speed counts.
This trivia is fun.

Loving Annie said...

Just popped on by to give you a Sunday morning hello ! Hope you are having fun !