Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Frizzies

The grands have been and gone for a week since their spring break here in the land of sunshine and alligators. We have a couple of weeks before our own firstborn will fly in for her spring break from teaching the third grade. The grand kids are fun, but I look forward to seeing my very own kid, because she will want to do the things that I love --- laze around the pool, get a tan, read some good books, go out for dinner and sleep late. While thinking along these lines, I started thinking that having to do my own hair every day after the pool would be a whole bunch easier if I had a perm and could let it air dry, then apply a curling iron. Keep in mind that I haven't had a perm in ten years and I have really thick hair, but my mind was remembering how cool the last one was. I would let it dry and then just brush the curls into place. Those days were before my "honey" retired and money was no object. I could go get my hair done all the time and a professional blow dry lasted forever. My frugal husband keeps telling me that he loves the way I do my own hair better than the salon dos. It occurs to me that he is cheap and wants to spend our money on frivolous things like --- uh, golf and buckets of balls. Is he cheating me, maybe? Ya, think? So, in the spirit of future savings, I decided that a perm today would save me hours of future work and only cost $85.00. When the little curlers came out, the stylist was oohing and ahing over my lovely curls and sent me to the dressing room to get my smock off and into my own clothes. Oh, for pity sakes! I looked like I had an Afro! Where were those lovely little ringlets that occupied my mind's eye? Tonight, I look much better after the application of a curling iron, but I know there are frizzies lurking under this thing. I'll know in the morning whether or not I have wash and wear hair for poolside or whether I will have to shave my head. How can you live this long and make such bad decisions?


Matty said...

Poor Kacey,
My mother who is 85 gets those 'poodle perms'. I get a much looser perm, called a 'body perm', or wash n wear hair. That way I can jump into my day without too much fuss and curling irons. A bit of mousse with wet fingers and I'm set to go. I do pay about $80 but it lasts me close to 4 months.
Don't worry, if you don't like it, it will grow out.

Loving Annie said...

Ohhhhh Kacey, poor thing ! Can the hairdresser put something in to relax it ???

I've had hair disasters before, too. Thank goodness it eventually grows out -- or for haircuts !

Sounds like you will have a lovely visit soon from your daughter. It's fun to have someone loving t do the same things that you do !

Hope you have a good weekend.

Kacey said...

Boy, Matty, I wish you had been with me and said the word "body perm" before she started. Since this was not a cheap salon, I just assumed that the owner would know what I meant by wash and wear hair. I know it will be grown out in 3 or 4 months--- I'm just hoping that I don't die in the meantime --- I don't want my last memory for my kids to be a loveable fuzzball.

Kacey said...

Dear Loving Annie, Thanks for the kind words. Being a very "loving annie", you sweetly focused on the joy of seeing my daughter instead of my miserable perm. I have to learn to focus on the important things. I remember having a perm when we lived in the country and had a pond. I was floating around on a surfboard in the pond and the wet ringlets were hanging down on my forehead. Imagine my surprise when a little bluegill jumped up and chomped onto one of the tendrils right in front of my eyes. Who needs a fishing pole?

Big Dave T said...

That's what I love about being a guy. One hairstyle, one haircut, all the time. There's even a good possibility I could go bald and not need a haircut at all! Boo-yeah.

Summer said...

Dear Kacey, i am sorry, but this is a very funny post despite your hair status!! the way you described it is really funny...i am sure it will relax after few washes and it will grow for sure in couple of months and then you will have a different look....i hope it is better now and you got used to it by now.
i did have a perm disaster once and i had to cut my shoulder length hair almost bald to get rid of the ugly curls! i never permed my hair after that.

Lisa said...


I remember the days of perming, just to control the frizzy, weird waves on my own head. Now I'm into the straightening iron. I'd go for a permanent straight, but I have to color my hair too much and I'm afraid it'll fall out!!

I'm so happy that you have a lovely visit from your daughter to look forward to. Tell me...was there ever a time that she "hated" you...say around 17?? Chuckle...I need some positive thoughts sent this way!

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

I don't think you made a bad decision at all! In fact, it was very well thought out. I point the finger at the person who did the perm. It was her job to carry out your wishes! She either didn't understand what you wanted, or she's inept. Let's hope that with each passing day you are more and more satisfied with your 'do!