Thursday, March 22, 2007

On, No! Flamingos!

In the land of sunshine and blue skies, people in double wide, pre-fab homes (trailers in all other states) tend to put all sorts of junk in their front yards and flower beds. I have been guilty of being a lawn snob and snickering at the people who stick tacky junk out in front of their homes.
So, what did I do yesterday? I went out and bought a few things for our porch. It was the last place in our Florida home that was stark raving naked. My flamingos can be forgiven, because they are so tasteful and are not pinky-orange. Truly, they really are cute, aren't they? The colors are pretty and also, they match the fish I bought for the wall above the futon. ( That is the futon I had to buy for my grandson's visit) Today, I hit JoAnne's Craft Store and bought a vase and some greenery for the end table. We have owned this place for about eighteen months and I have just about run out of things to buy. I know we have run out of money. See, --- how cute is this fish? The shop in Punta Gorda is new and has a ton of adorable do-dads for around the house. How am I going to stay away from this shop when there are so many things I really, really want? Oh, well, I can't have

everything --- but, I have the flamingos and the fish!
For all the good, caring cyber friends I have out there, I have good news about my frizzies. I can manage my hair (the hair of the too tight perm). When my darling daughter gets here for her week in the sun, I'll swim and sun and my hair will be wash and go. (Providing that I get a quick trim next week) Have a great day y'all --- Spring is upon the land!


Summer said...

Kacey, i never cared to decorate my yard...i just never cared about my yard at all...just to get the lawn mowed and cleaned with some maintenance free landscape is all i care for...although i tried to plant flowers and bushes but they need a lot of work and i realized i am not cut for that. As for your flamingos, they are pretty nice and unusual, i like the matching fish too!
good to read that your frizzies are more manageable now! :) enjoy the time with your daughter!

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

Those flamingos are works of art! You've miraculously managed to use flamingos to make a statement about the prevailing tackiness in Florida yards.

And I'm so glad to hear about your hair. It didn't take long at all for that situation to resolve, and in time for your daughter's visit, no less. Whew!

Does spring actually show itself in Florida? I hope you do get at least a taste of it- I'm really allowing spring to affect me this year, with its glorious signs of rebirth. (No more kids- I just want a new life goal!)


Matty said...

I'm glad to hear that you can go out in public without a scarf! Those flamingo's are the cutest, and so is the fish. That's art! No, I wouldn't like pink anything on my lawn.
Some people really over-do. Just up the street, there's a couple I know...and he really goes overboard. At last count, he had over 30 different critters on his lawn. It looks a might tacky.,but its his lawn.
I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter.

Big Dave T said...

Spring is upon us here in Michigan too. We don't have any lawn ornaments in our front yard. I think we have a ceramic frog in a rock garden, but it's really just to mark the spot where we buried a couple small pets.

Now, in the backyard, we have a street sign, pole and all, from the street where I grew up in Bay City.

Loving Annie said...

Hi Kacey ! How are you ? It's Thursday the 29th and I just wanted to come by and visit !

Cyber-hugs to you and those you love !

Matty said...

I'm so happy your daughter is coming to spend time with you. Can you not convince her to join the Dishing Diva's like you convinced me.
If she is anything like you, she must be a lot of fun and intelligent.
Let us know all about your week with your daughter, we want all the details and some pics.
Have a good week!

Big Dave T said...


Good luck to your Buckeyes tomorrow. All of Ann Arbor will be cheering you on.

Today is the only day I can say that ;)

Summer said...

Kacey, You have been tagged on my blog. please go to :
check it out!

Lisa said...


Love the outdoor decorations! They look very tastefully made. Hope you have a wonderful visit with your daughter!!

Loving Annie said...

Happy Saturday the 7th Kacey ! I used ot love it when my grandma 'hid' all the plastic easter eggs ! It's one of my favorite memories throughout the years...

Cyber hugs ! *smiles*

Hope that you and your kids and grandkids and all those that you love have a wonderful Easter !

Sideways Chica said...

My dear Kacey...oh how we sideways chicas think alike -- sideways! I have an ostrich similar to your "artwork" and he rocks up and down. He is the envy of the hood and I'll not tell where we found him.

Ciao the photos.

Loving Annie said...

Hope that you have a good Friday and a great upcoming weekend, Kacey !

momofalltrades said...

Those really are cute!