Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here we come, ready or not!

It's that time again ... the move back to Ohio. Everyone there tells me that it is colder that a witch's t** and raining, too. I am packing a big dose of sunshine in my suitcases and will treat all those Ohio Valley people to some rays. I have lain in the sun in two hour increments for the last couple of weeks. Most of the people here have glistening skin about the color of a kiwi without the fuzz. I, on the other hand have a collection of brown, red and white spots that sort of mimic a tan. I figure that when they all run together, I will look just like George Hamilton. My teeth will look like a string of pearls next to my beautiful brown skin. When my perfect house guest, Lesley, was here , we went to the pool every day for two hours. She got a wonderful tan ---- I got sun poisoning by the third day and spent the rest of her time here waving goodbye as she blithely sauntered to the pool. Of course, I have been a raving maniac trying to remember what I brought down here six months ago and why in the world would anyone in their right mind even consider bringing a couple hundred dollars worth of quilt fabric 1200 miles and never opening a single quilt book?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that we are going to the land of civilization, where people actually wear appropriate clothes in public. No Capri's and backward ball caps for senior citizens there. Maybe, this is really more fun! See you in Ohio.

Home Sweet Home!


Lisa said...


Wow, that was the fastest six months I ever saw!! It seems as though you were just trying to get down to FL! I hope your trip up is less eventful! Drive safely!

Lisa said...

...Okay, it should've been "...I've ever seen." My "LonGUYland" was showing again. ;)

Matty said...

Safe trip Kacey, what a lovely pic. Hope you don't miss the trivia. I've been keeping a close eye on the scores.
So nice that you got a tan. I don't tan, I still freckle and burn. We are getting a lot of rain here in Canada, but soon we'll be getting our share of sun.
I love your couch and loveseat, but I don't think its kid-friendly.
Nothing like home, I hope your trip is safe and uneventful.
I'm sure the Ohians will appreciate you bringing some of that sunshine back.

Summer said...

time flies when you are having fun!!! i guess i was having too much fun, all of a sudden it is time for you to go back to Ohio!!
Have a safe trip back there and enjoy your summer!