Thursday, April 26, 2007

Going Home, Going Home

We really are headed in the right direction .... up I- 75 from
Ft. Myers to Ohio. We had an hour and a half delay outside of Atlanta, because some poor (probably old) dude had turned over in his pickup truck while hauling his vacation home. It took up a four lane highway and thousands of cars and trucks waited for hours. It sure seems that the Highway Patrol would reroute traffic or at least direct the mayhem created by such bad accidents. Next, we were toddling on down the road when the local radio station started telling us that there was a tornado warning for Big Booger, Tennessee and hail in French Gulp County. We knew that Texas had been having really bad weather earlier in the week and that it was moving northeast. So, I pulled out the map and discovered that we were only about fifteen miles from Big Booger and doubted our ability to find a safe place before Knoxville. Happily, we discovered a Days Inn in Oak Ridge with Hi Speed Internet. Tomorrow, we will be going home early in the day before the storms start up again. My "Honey" is as happy as a pig in mud, because the motel has FOX News and he hasn't seen a nice conservative newscast for six months. See you in Ohio!


Big Dave T said...

I've been down I-75 many times to Florida and I don't remember a place called Big Booger. It does seem like the kind of place where you'd find a Fox newscast, though. Heh, heh.

Yeah, bring us some sun in time for the weekend. I need to cut the grass.

Matty said...

Is there such a place as Big Booger, sounds like a campsite for 10 yr old boys....and French that a Canadian Beer?

Isn't it great they have high-speed internet almost everywhere now. Hope there are no more mishaps on your way home.
Safe driving.

Betty said...

You're probably in Ohio by now! Welcome home!


Loving Annie said...

Good Sunday afternoon Kacey,
Hope you got home safely !

Lisa said...

I could only imagine the history behind the origin of the name "Big Booger". And it ain't pretty.

Loving Annie said...

Good Wednesday morning Kacey,
I wish that you and your honey will both still be aive and in good health next year -- and the one after !
Cyber-Hugs !

Lisa said...


Speak to your brother. The worst he can do is never speak to you again...which he won't do anyway if he passes. Break down the wall...I know it's hard, I have a brother like that myself. But you will always wonder about his salvation if you don't at least try...pray to God for the strength to talk convincingly without being pushy, and for your brother to at least receive what you are saying.

My ex-husband is Jewish, but became a Christian several years ago. He has been trying to gently convince his very sick father to at least pray. The man lived his life as an amoeba--he had no real substance. He wasn't a praying man, or a holy man. And my ex worries every day as his father gets closer to his end. But he told me that he knows he did the best that he could, and it's in God's hands now.

When the time comes, you'll know the right thing to say. God bless you, Kacey. Pray for your brother...I'll say a prayer for him, too.

Loving Annie said...

Happy Wednesday to you, Kacey ! How are things going with you ? Thanks for the good wishes on my upcoming trip - looking forward to sharing with you about it when I get back -- and hearing how you have been as well !

Summer said...

Happy Mother's Day, Kacey!
Enjoy your day!