Sunday, May 13, 2007

"I Am the Lucky One"

Happy Mother's Day to Mom, the original seat belt! Today is Mother's Day and this is the card I got from Numero Uno child. It really cracks me up, because I spent their formative years throwing my arms across the chest of the child sitting next to me on the front bench seat of the car to prevent their being thrown through the windshield. Lord knows how they managed to live through no car seats and certainly no seat belts. One absolute rule was that they couldn't sit too near any door, because who knew whether or not the lock would hold and one could possibly fall from the car during a turn and get run over by the back wheels. However did I manage to get them safely through infancy, school, college and to the altar without killing anyone?

I think motherhood started for me when I was about ten or eleven and our neighbor had a baby boy. I was allowed to play with him on a blanket in their backyard while my Mom chatted with the new mother.
I fell in love with the smell, feel, touch, the enchanting smiles and the cuddly little body of any baby. Little girls are preprogrammed to desire babies in their lives. Shortly after marrying at seventeen, my mind turned to thoughts of having my very own baby to cuddle and smell and love. Luckily, God knew that we were not ready financially for parenthood. He made me wait until I was twenty-one, before He felt I could be trusted with an infant of my own. I couldn't believe it when after all those months and years of trying, I finally knew I was pregnant.
Every since that very first day, when I knew there was a baby coming to our home, I have been the most blessed of all creation --- a mother. If there is to be a special day --- it should be a day for rejoicing in the fact that God has seen fit to give us children to raise and love and then set free. This is a picture of me with my first child when she was two years and six weeks old. My second child was only six weeks old and I was six weeks away from getting pregnant with my third. How ironic that after almost four years without children, we had three in less than three years. Motherhood has been a joy every step of the way and I am still thanking God for the children he sent my way almost fifty years ago. I love you Lesley, Matthew and Stacey and the ten children you have brought into my life in the last twenty-five years. The pastor praised moms in church this morning, but it is we who should be thanking God for the privilege He has given to us. I cannot imagine a life without my children. To quote Ben Folds, " I Am the Lucky One!"


Big Dave T said...

Very nicely done. Our priest does a special blessing for the moms on Mother's Day, but my wife usually loses her composure and starts to cry. So she doesn't go to church on Mother's Day.

But she is taking a week of vacation time to get her 21-year-old ready to go study abroad. Now that's a mom too.

Hea, wanted to say that we've been canoeing on the Au Sable twice. Pretty developed, though. Should be much more wilderness-like in the UP.

Matty said...

That's beautiful Kacey,
I love that picture. You looked gorgeous and so is your daughter.
For many years I have had to celebrate Mother's Day with my mother, and that's how it should be. On Mother's day we show up at my mom's armed with food and gifts.
This year..I went to see her at the long-term with flowers and a gift and sat with her for awhile as she slept. I don't think she was aware of what day it was.

But about 20 years ago, I started my own tradition. The day before Mother's day or after, depending on schedule's,I take my sons out to eat. They are not allowed to give me a gift. The way I see it, I wouldn't be a mother if I didn't have kids, so therefore I take my sons out and thank them for making me a mother...and we enjoy a meal together..just my sons and me.

I also cannot imagine my life without children...God knew he made sure that when my sons were just about to go on their own I was blessed with a grandchild....and 2 years later..a 2nd.
So many people have told me, 'Oh, your grandkids are so lucky to have you'...and I told them...'No, I'm so lucky to have them...they have given me more than I could possibly ever give them!

Mother's Day is every day. My sons don't buy me gifts just on special occasions. Almost every 2nd week they will pick me up a book I mentionned or a DVD or a CD or flowers just because! I might look out and see my son changing my oil in my car...or my brakes, without being asked.
If they are at a restaurant they'll call and ask if I want something. They are thoughtful and considerate..what more does a mother want?
By the way, I was over at Lisa's and apparently she has a sister-in-law just like yours! You've got to go read her post...I think she needs a cyber hug!

Lisa said...


What a beautiful post. That has to be the sweetest picture look like a baby yourself!

I love my kids more than life myself. I worry constantly, and try to pick my battles without trying to be too controlling or being to controlled by them! I am finding the teenaged years a little tough...but I can see by looking at my beautiful 17 year old daughter that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. She's getting easier to "like" every day (I always "loved" was "liking" her that was the issue)! I adore my daughter and my son more than I can say, and I couldn't love my step kids more if they were my own. You are very right; we are blessed by God to have them.

Thanks for reminding me to be grateful. ;)

Loving Annie said...

Ten grandchildren ? that is wonderful, Kacey ! Great post !