Tuesday, December 25, 2007


" Someday"by Rick Vale

Someday, when this night is over,
And the stars have faded,
And the angels fly,
I will --- Look on You with wonder,
Dreaming of that first night,
When I heard you cry......
Someday, You will take these fingers,
And with just a touch ...
Cause the blind to see...
Someday, You will walk with strangers,
But tonight I rock you,
Stay awhile with me...
Someday, they will call You Savior,
Hope of all the people,
Light and Life Divine.
Someday, He will spread the words,
And touch the hearts of many...
As He touches mine.
You will ---Speak in love and wisdom,
Prison doors will open,
All will be made free.
Someday, you will walk among us,
But tonight I rock You;
Stay awhile with me.
I float in the miracle of God's love. Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

We glory in the Lord with you and the Sunshine Boy. Thanks for a beautiful year of blogging. You're a real joy. Merry Christmas! the Lovells Eye

Carine said...

Hope your Christmas was the merriest Kacey!

Big Dave T said...

That's a pretty carol. Don't believe I've ever heard it. I too hope that you have the happiest of holiday seasons. Don't know about the OSU Buckeyes, though.

Dust-bunny said...


Those are beautiful lyrics.

I hope you had a blessed Christmas and that you will have a happy, healthy 2008! And I'm sure you're staying nice and warm in sunny Florida.

Betty said...

Thank you for sharing this carol/poem, Kacey. May the New Year bring much happiness and excellent health to you and yours!


Matty said...

Here's wishing you had a wonderful Christmas and I hope the New Year brings you health, happiness & prosperity.
Been busy playing nursemaid to Hubby & grandkids with the stomach flu.
Thank you for visiting my blog...I'm happy to call you my 'blogging buddy'.
Thank you for inviting me to play Trivia! I just love it and look forward to it every day. Although it may be frustrating at times...I just love the game.
See ya next year!