Sunday, December 30, 2007

I Love My Computer

This little guy really has a great point. I began my first post on May 21, 2004... almost four years ago. I thought that I might leave something for my children to remember me by and perhaps make my generation more human to our great-grandchildren. Instead, I have found a wide world of wonderful writers, whom I read every day....thereby, lacking time to write anything myself. But, oh, how I love reading the talented people living out there in bloggityville. Funny writers like "Antique Mommy" (who was published in Good Housekeeping in August) and "Big Mama" keep me laughing with the antics of their children and the lovely way younger minds perceive daily life. My first love was Teri Franta of "Here's to Happy Women". She offered a weekly essay every Friday, which I was lucky enough to stumble upon, when she first began writing a blog. She has not been actively doing a weekly blog for some time, but I suspect that there is probably a book skulking about somewhere in the works. Through the comments left on their posts, other bloggers developed personalities and became very real to me, so I added Lisa from "A Comforter is Not a Bedspread" and Big Dave of "Big Dave's Blog" from Ann Arbor. Well, shucks... Ann Arbor is just a hop, skip and a jump from where I live in Ohio. We have a great time trading digs about Michigan and Ohio State, but we have arrived at a good place this year.... I will cheer for The Wolverines in the Capital One Bowl and he will cheer for my Buckeyes in the Championship game. Carine from "What's Cooking" is a friend from California like Teri, who actually has things published, too. Matty from "Running on Empty" ( isn't that a clever name?) and I met through comments on other peoples' blogs and I so admire her witty and thoughtful writing. I introduced her to The Dishing Divas (a cooking site) and their daily Fun Trivia game. We both love to play every day..... apparently, we are very trivial women! If you would like to play... let me know, and I will invite you into the game. Matty sent me over to "Cathy's Place" where I met Cathy and found her to be an insightful writer, passionately interested in St. Judes Hospital and a fellow Ohioan. She ran a challenge contest for an essay about "09/11/01" This made me very happy, because I won! Of course, I twisted every arm I could find on the INTERNET. Cathy has not been writing for a while and I am praying that her health improves, so she will be back with us soon. "Whirling Betty" and "Time with Shelby" came into my life by following comments from Teri's blog. Both Betty and Shelby have very interesting lives and their blogs reflect what point in life they are referencing. These people and many more have been kind enough to leave comments on my place here in bloggityland. I keep thinking of wonderful times that I would like to write about, but am afraid that if I family would kill me. Perhaps, I will have to change the names to protect the innocent. People like Summer of "Life Thoughts" are wonderfully loyal to their readers, even though she is very busy with her cooking site and show, but she still finds time to comment , if I stir my lazy self and write something. "Loving Annie" checks in all the time --- I suspect she thinks I may have died, because we all know I am older than dirt! You have all made my life so much happier with your blogs and I am looking forward to 2008 and finding even more great bloggers. Someone writes a comment on a blog and that leads to another one and then another and on and on. Shucks! Who needs a library card?
To all who live in
my computer----


Summer said...

Oh Kacey!
What a wonderful post to pay tribute to all the bloggers you read for! Thank you for being as witty as ever…I love your blog. You never fail to cheer me up no matter what subject you are talking about. I followed you from Ohio to Florida back and forth. It has always been fun traveling with you….always amusing stories and incidents.
I admire you because you are the oldest person I know who blogs…Believe me, this is a wonderful thing…I find this very inspiring, impressive and encouraging!
Have a wonderful 2008 full of health, wealth and lots of happiness!

Big Dave T said...

Call me short on memory but I almost forgot about Teri from "Here's to Happy Women." Wonder what happened to her.

This New Year I want to try to learn more about the people of the world through blogs in other countries. I don't always trust our media, nor the media of other countries, to present an accurate portrait of the world we live in.

Thanks for mentioning me.

Carine said...

I'm sorry I didn't make the cut of worthwhile bloggers of course, but you have mentioned some wonderful people here. You're right, everyone becomes almost like family!

Loving Annie said...

Happy, healthy New Year 2008 to you and your beloved Hubby, Kacey :)

Mother Jones RN said...

Hi Kacey:
Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. I'd like to steal your "friends live in my computer" picture and on use it on my blog. I will, of course, link the post to your blog.
Thanks, and Happy New Year.


Matty said...

Hi! Kacey
What a wonderful, thoughtful usual! are so very right...the one thing we can be so thankful for in the past year is the wonderful bloggers who are just like family.
I don't know how I would have managed to get through the tough times...without them.
They give you reason to get up in the morning....many reasons.
Wishing you & your honey a wonderful New Year..and hope you are with us for many, many more.
We really do need more optimistic, kind and thoughtful bloggers like you.
Thank you for being you Kacey.
I had to go back and edit my post...I hoped nobody got the wrong impression...and you are so right you have to watch what you say...esp. if family reads our post.

Loving Annie said...

Hi again Kacey ! You are so sweet -

the Mike I wrote about on my blog post is not the one who comments.

The Mike I wrote about was part of my real life - and yes, your comment is probably true regardless...

I think his truth and mine are so different with what happenned and how. Never again will I give my heart to a man who says sweet thingsand breaks his promises, whose actions don't back up his words...

He came back this last August after I'd started dating Mark, but it was more of the same old-same old games.

He was the reasons I began my erotica blog in July - and the reason I shut it down again as well in November... Maybe t.m.i., but I adored him.

You are very lucky with your husband, that there has just been one man for you, and that it has worked --

Maybe 2008 will hold that for me as well.

Hugs again to you, and a healthy and good year ahead --

Loving Annie

Big Dave T said...

Hea, maybe the Southeast conference ain't so tough afterall. Let's hope the Buckeyes show 'em too how we get it done in the Big Ten.

Dust-bunny said...

Kacey, thank you so much for mentioning my blog. You are so dear, and I feel so lucky to have found you through "bloggityville"! You are so thoughtful. I wish you a year of health, peace and happiness...and I hope to see many more blog posts from you (hopefully you'll give in, pray that your family forgives you, and give us a glimpse of what's baking inside of "Cookie's Oven"...)! Happy New Year!

LZ Blogger said...

Kacey ~ Thanks for not only stopping by my blog, but also for the VERY NICE comment that you left. I wish your son all the best in the work he is doing for our country! May God bless you all! ~ jb///

BeverlyM said...

You said: "Someone writes a comment on a blog and that leads to another one and then another and on and on."

That's how I found you and I'm glad I did. Reading your blogs have been enjoyable.

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

This post saddened me, because I miss Teri Franta. She was like the best friend I had always wished for. But then, like all the other females in my life including my mother and grandmother, she abandoned me/us. I will always miss my dear virtual friend Teri, and although I may sound resentful, I think of her only fondly.

I'm glad you're still typing away, Kacey. So many of us seem to quit! Lately, I have been caught up with tragic events at work (which could result in unemployment for myself and all my co-workers) and my ongoing child custody battle. But I don't want to give it up- there have been times when I got by only due to the help of my blogging buddies, although I never said that.