Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Meanest Mom on the Planet

From an ad in The DeMoines Register---

For Sale: "OLDS 1999 Intrigue. Totally uncool parents, who obviously don't love teenage son, selling his car. Only driven for three weeks before snoopy mom, who needs to get a life, found booze under the front seat. $3,700/Offer. Call Meanest Mom on the Planet."

You just have to love a mom who is this dedicated to her principles and her children. She told her ungrateful nineteen year old son there were only two rules. No booze and keep the car locked. (She did sell the car and is getting calls by the dozen thanking her for placing the ad.)

Now that you have had a laugh for today --- click on over to:
Antique Mommy and read her post for today called Hands. It
is so beautiful that you will shed tears for the sheer loveliness
of her thoughts about her son and God.


Matty said...

I just love it...that is so precious! Good for that mom...maybe other parents can take a lesson from her.

BeverlyM said...

First of all, Happy Belated Birthday!!!

I, too, was watching the OSU-LSU game and had to turn it off at the beginning of the 4th quarter because I was so disgusted with OSU.

I enjoy stopping by and checking out your website. I thought the Meanest Mom on the Planet was ME---somebody has stolen my crown!

Big Dave T said...

I saw heard about that ad today on our local morning radio show. They cheered the creativity of the mom in creating the ad that sold the car. Maybe she should consider a career in advertising.

Too bad about OSU. They have a tough time with teams from the SouthEast conference. Maybe Michigan will get revenge for you against LSU next year, like we did against Florida this year.

If I were you, and a loyal Buckeye, I think I'd just stay in Ohio next winter and deprive the economy there in Florida of your spending power.

Always enjoy your comments on my blog.

Carine said...

hope you had a very happy birthday!
I think that mom and I would have a lot in common, maybe there's a club for us "meanest mommies"

Dust-bunny said...

Hilarious. Good for her. I'm the "naggiest" mom on the planet--so I'd better not EVER find booze or plant life under a seat in my daughter's car (and she knows I have a key and can get in any time I want). I would be very angry if all of my nagging was in vain.

Linda said...

You gotta love a creative mommy! Hey, thanks for stopping by the other day and delurking! You asked about my counter... I had to actually think back about that... it's been so hassle free I really haven't given it much thought. I try stuff - free usually - and if it works great, if not, it gets canned. Counters are easy... the countDOWN ones, used to display how many days til some auspicious event... those have given me trouble. Try that Freegems site you can get to by clicking on my counter - there are a lot of options there, one of them should work for you! Thanks for asking... I love your blog! I'll be back!

Carine said...

have to share Kacey!

DD was taken off the steroids and the terbutaline-
we're on baby watch for DGS #2!

here's the big question will DGS#1 (Dylan) be a big brother by his first birthday next Friday or not????

Big Dave T said...

Hmmmmm, is there a reason that you're keeping this "Meanest Mom on the Planet" as your top blog here. I mean, haven't seen a new one in a while. I know, I know . . . you don't want to brag about the warm weather down there in Florida.