Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why Don't You Blog Something?

A favorite blogger friend popped over and asked if I were going leave that last little post there forever. There are so many excuses for not posting. Two come readily to mind. The first is being hooked on reading my favorite bloggers every day and then, they mention another site or two and I am off and reading several more blogs. I have a huge bookmark section just for bloggers.

My second excuse is that offered me a fourteen day free trial to trace my forefathers. It happened to arrive the same day we received a family history for my husband's mother's side of the family. The cousin who sent it, spent years gathering information and researched in other cities' courthouses. This is so complete and well done (back to the 1600's) that I had to try the free fourteen day thing. I burn the midnight oil looking for more and more threads to my family's origins. You cannot explain how wonderful it feels to see your own Dad's handwriting on the 1930 U.S. Census. I didn't know that the Census is not available for public perusal for seventy-two years after it is taken, to protect privacy. The 1940 Census will be available in 2012. I am finding some family secrets that are not so pleasant, but it does explain some relatives that were sort of hinky in my memory. This is a picture of my father (in the suspenders) when he was a boy in Arkansas. (Taken about 1912) He is shown here with some of his siblings. Notice that that are combed and prettied up, but barefoot and obviously walking in the dirt. The nine children here range from one and a half to twenty, but two sisters were already married and mothers at 21 and 22.
I always knew that Dad had ten siblings, but I could only name nine. In looking at, I found a message board with a lady who was looking for her husband's grandmother, whose one brother had moved to Ohio and become a lawyer. My Dad! The grandmother was my long lost aunt, who had died eleven years before I was born. Everything started falling into place and I am finding relatives all over the country who would have been lost to my children and grandchildren when I die and take my few pitiful memories with me.
With such exciting hunting going on here in my computer, I have been lax indeed, memories are almost gone, but somehow are trickling back a bit at a time.
Another reason for no new posts is my "forever friend", the hubby. He is tired of watching television all by himself. Living together in Florida without our children and grandchildren means we need to amuse each other and we aren't very funny any more.
I have one more really big reason for not blogging, but I am still trying to think my way through this one --- I'll let you know if I will write, close my blog or change my place of blogging.


Big Dave T said...

Well, shucks, you're forgiven then. Actually I've noticed a fair number of my blogging buddies posting less. Thanks for the response there.

I did that thing a few years back, but really didn't turn up anything too interesting. My father's side of the family immigrated in the early 20th century from Poland. My mother's side of the family has many common surnames, the bane of a genealogical researcher.

Now in checking my wife's side of the fam, it was more interesting. I strongly believe she could qualify to become one of the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution). But neither she nor anyone else in her immediate family has any interest in geneology, or the DAR

Carine said...

How very interesting Kacey! I'd love to find out more about my family. I know about my grandfather's siblings and a tad about my grandmother's, but I'd love to know more.
Steve knows almost nothing about his!
You go girl and let us know what comes of it!

The Lovells Eye said...

"To blog or not to blog, this is the question;
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing, end them."
Coincidentally, this corrupted soliloquy appears to have found its niche in your situation. Surely those of us in your extended blog family will respect whatever decision you render. It's only proper to react in this fashion because you've shared so much of your great life with us. You've been frank like "Maxine," funny like Imogene Coca and solemn too when appropriate. Someone said you should write your bio. Much of the material and notes already exist in these dear files. And, if you need to embellish - so be it! The "Sunshine Man" has been very tolerant indeed. Think of how he endured the slings and arrows of loneliness while you banged away into the night to meet your Cookie's Oven deadlines. And now, you're about to make amends. Sounds like you both have wonderful hearts. May God bless you in your decision. That caring man needs you too. Priorities, priorities - I just don't know!
The Lovells Eye

Loving Annie said...

Good Friday afternoon to you Kacey.

Selfishly, I would miss you if you stopped blogging. You and your kidness and stability have been a nice example for me of what love and devotion can be in a marriage, when you talk about your hubs.

But sometimes life takes over, or it just doesn't feel right, so the blogging gives way to something else.

I understand and support you, whatever your choice, but *HUGE HUGS*, dear Kacey...

And finding things out about your ancestry can be fascinating, can't it ?

Loving Annie

Betty said...

Dear Kacey,

I selfishly hope you do not stop blogging. Ever. It's great that your husband requests your company, though.

And that family history stuff sure can be interesting. I found out I descended from French pirates. (Somehow that seems to explain a lot...)

Please keeep on bloggin', even if you have to make us wait for new posts!


Matty said...

Hi Kacey,
Why can't I comment on your latest posts?

I too have been working hard on my family history,,,,absolutely thrilling...even the good & bad.
Too much has been happening lately in my chaotic life...but I do intend to post this month.
Congrats to ljack for her 3 month win....tell her not to let it go to her head..haha!

Kathryn said...

Hi Aunt "Kacey"
Love the picture. I think I look like the girl in front on the right. Or maybe it's my mom I see.
Hope all is well.
Your namesake (close enough),