Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dratted Nose!

Sunday, our church celebrated it's One Hundredth Year in existence. We have gone from a little hole in the wall with thirty worshippers to a multimillion dollar complex serving about twenty-five hundred Christians every day of the week. We are a member of The Christian and Missionary Alliance. The board brought back four former pastors and we had a wonderful day. On Sunday evening, there was a potluck for seven hundred members with the church furnishing the meat and drinks. (Think coffee and punch) I thought about an old dessert that my kids liked at a local restaurant when they were little. It is a huge bowl of angel-food cake cubes, chocolate pudding, whipped cream, bananas, walnuts and chocolate chips. Saturday night, I cooked up three boxes of Jello Chocolate Pudding and then came home on Sunday after church to put this majestic thing together. (Believe me--- it is not cheap!) After piling my masterpiece into a cut-glass bowl, I made a little one for my honey and me. Yuck! It tasted funny! The milk I had made the pudding with was outdated! This would not happen to ordinary people, but I have lost most of my sense of smell --- so I have to depend on my husband to tell me if things smell funny. From now on, I will check the dates or taste things before investing ten bucks in ingredients for the disposal. Once the lovely chocolaty goodness was lost to the potluck, I threw a pot of baked beans in the oven and called it a day, but the dessert was pretty, wasn't it?
This has nothing to do with my lovely dessert, but rather with my blog. Does anyone know why my comments disappeared? I went to the comments section and made sure that they were allowed, but nothing helps! Oh, Dear!