Monday, May 5, 2008


I read a blog the other day by a pharmacist, which was really a rant about old people. It stated that he would rather argue with a crazed crack head than a confused elderly person. The writer is truly gifted, but has missed the point that everyone gets old (if they live long enough) and fortunately drug seekers are not inevitable. The husband and I are old (seventy-six and seventy-two), but didn't really know it until a few days ago. While we were still helping people move into new houses, wallpapering their bathrooms, painting their living rooms, taking care of their children while they went on vacations, cooking meals for their families when they were sick and generally doing all the energetic activities --- we forgot to notice that we were no longer young. Seventy came and we were grateful to be alive and finally enjoy sitting down. Now, I find that we are no longer respected members of the community, but a blight on the backs of the hard working younger generation. I thought that Grandma and Grandpa Walton were revered for their wisdom and experience by John Boy and MaryEllen.
Check this site and see if his description of "oldfartitis" doesn't offend you in the name of yourself or your parents. The husband has had an aortic valve replacement and a new knee and I have had my share of vascular roto-rooter jobs, but I didn't think that my children would rather we die instead of using any Medicare money. Kindly remember that Medicare was not our idea! Until the government got involved in medicine, we paid for our doctor bills and our medicines just like you do. We have paid the highest amount into Social Security all of our adult lives, but the government frittered it away in the general fund instead of investing it something that would grow exponentially as the population aged. The whole point of this post is to tell people who are angry at the fumbling, stumbling elderly among us ---- get over it---- your day is coming way faster than you ever thought it could. You will look back and wonder where life went and why there is no respect left for the people who gave you life.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh man he's the crack head if you ask me. i am really burned up right now. what a little (insert bad word here!) he is. grrrrr.......

smiles, bee

who wouda thunk it?? said...

When I got really sick (at age 53) I got a big dose of humility and a new respect for the "less capable" portion of society. I am better now, but I will never forget how it felt to be UNable to walk as fast as the crowd, or stand in line, or even unscrew the lid of a water bottle. Your pharmacyguy should be so lucky as to suffer that humbling an experience. But rest assured, one day his words will haunt him and he will reget every sentiment he expressed. So now I will trot over there and after I read it, maybe I'll give him a few thoughts of mine about arrogant stupid young people who have no regard for humanity because they have none of their own!!

Big Dave T said...

Holy cow, where did you dig that monstrosity up? I think he's just looking for attention. It's scary for me to think that he might be a real pharmacist.

Our local newspaper recently used the term "senior citizens" to describe people over 60 and boy did they get the mail. Imagine if they had used the word "old."

Sometimes I think "old" is used in a perjorative sense. It's used as a put-down for those advancing in age. I know my grandmother said recently that she did not want to go into assisted living and be put with all those "old people." And we're thinking, grandma's 95. If she's not old, who is?

Shelby said...

I think he's looking for attention too..

oh my..

take care!

Betty said...

What a jerk that guy is! I tried to comment on his post but gave up after several failed attempts.

What on earth could have turned him into such an angry man!!?? Something about an older customer triggered an eruption of his deep-seated anger, but only he himself is foolish enough to think that the older person actually caused it.

Some people seem to think that ranting is somehow admirable, as if it shows wit along with superiority. I think it's toxic.


lesleyjack said...

Did we forget our happy pills this morning, Mrs. Cook? Well I for one appreciate and respect your age and wisdom. I especially appreciate your homemade pie crust!

Granny Annie said...

Love your blog. This post made my jaw drop. I loved your rebuttal about everyone getting old. We have Oldfartitis but do not consider it an affliction. It is only frustrating when we hear things like "John McCain and 71", etc. Hope the Angry Pharmacist will learn some things as he ages. Of course now you have expanded his audience because, like you said, he's a good writer. Does he/she ever acknowledge that Oldfartitis keeps him in business?

Carine said...

well, I'm not offended Kacey-but then I taught high schoolers and pre-schoolers, so I'm offended by little.
Hopefully, the angry pharmacist realizes that being happy is better for his health, as well as his soul, before it's too late

Anonymous said...
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Big Dave T said...

Sorry to bug you here, but just in case you miss my response to your comment on my blog, I wanted to say that we've booked a room at Honey Run. My wife liked the idea of the nature trails nearby. I just hope no mosquitoes (they don't have them in Ohio, right?).

If you know of a good Amish restaurant down there, let me know.

Cathy said...

you know Kacey, I had been reading him off and on for about a year. More times than not he really rubs me the wrong way. This time he went overboard and I did leave him a comment, just now, and told him off. But, he has comment moderation on (no doubt)so who knows when he will post it.

If he wants to act like a little kid then someone should treat him like one and slap his damn face.