Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time Flies --- Get the fly swatter!


Loving Annie said...

Too cute ! How are you doing Kacey ? I just looked down at my foot today and saw all the fine wrinkles that happen as your skin begins to lose its elasticity... Age happens to all of us. I know I can't delay it, but it still makes me sad and a bit afriad... Hope that all is well with you and your husband, the kids and the grandkids.

Granny Annie said...

I remember asking my grandmother why she and grandpa weren't friends with a nice couple in their church and gramdma replied, "Oh, they are too old." The couple was younger than my grandparents. Today I understand her comments. My "friends" have all gotten so much older:-)

Carine said...

love this Kacey! honestly-I saw my mother when I passed the mirror the other day.

Kacey said...

Hi Loving Annie...Thanks for stopping mention fine, dry wrinkles... My skin is beginning to feel like sanapaper and is flaking off. I can't wait to get to Florida where the humidity makes my skin feel human again!

And my other Annie... The trouble with getting old is that to the youngster your head, you are still the collage of everything you ever were and most of the "really old folks" are too old for the youngster in your soul.

Carine... your mother is in your mirror? My sister is in mine and I don't much like the way she looks! I think I'll put on a little more eye shadow!

Molly said...

I can SO identify! BTW, thank you for the patterns which arrived in the mail last week! But do you know how many UFO's are in line to be finished before I can start a big new project?? [Little ones don't count....I can sneak those by my conscience!]

Big Dave T said...

Age is relative though. My grandmother says she doesn't want to go into senior citizen's housing because "I don't want to be living with those old people." My grandmother is 95.

Her older sister died this past month at the age of 100. My jaw dropped when I read her obituary. She worked for an auto company for 29 years then retired from there. Worked for a bakery then until she was in her mid-80s. THEN she did volunteer work at a hospital upon that retirement.

Age is relative indeed.