Thursday, October 1, 2009

Where did the Summer Go?

When you approach the end of life, time is a most precious commodity. Since we drive back and forth between Ohio and Florida, I waste entirely too much time in the comings and goings. We arrived back in Ohio in the middle of May and settled in for a summer of seeing all the assorted and sundry doctors who make it possible for us to stay alive through five or six months in Florida. Now it is time to reverse the process and the docs are getting serious about tests and prescriptions. I saw the ophthalmologist on Tuesday for a vision check. I only wear glasses for reading, but eventually you do need a checkup. So, I am scheduled for a cataract surgery with lens implant next Tuesday. It will only hold us up for about three weeks, but sheesh! You would think that they could give you appointments in June or July, so they can mess with whatever parts they are interested in messing with before Medicare stops paying them.
I digress. It was my intention to make eleven king sized quilts before I die, so my children and grandchildren will remember me when I am long gone. A super quilt teacher once told me, "Quilts are meant to keep people you love warm". Now, that is cool. I had four quilts pieced and ready to go to a professional quilter, when I came home and one huge quilt that had been hanging around for a long time. It originally was intended for my older brother and after it was pieced, sandwiched and mostly hand quilted (that makes it valuable)....he died! I put it away and it was hard to get it going again, plus the border was almost impossible to mark until someone told me to use masking tape for the cross hatching. By the time I finished it and attached the binding, my fingers were bloody. One of the biggest problems for quilters is the inability to say no when a particularly beautiful fabric calls your name like the Sirens who call the young sailors with their illusions. Well, the quilt at the top called to me this summer and I couldn't stop until I had gathered many half yards of Batiks, sliced them apart and then sewed them back together. I have enough for my children finally, but I also have fabric going to Florida for three or four more. I am hopeless!
Between the doctors, quilts and, I have not posted one word for many a day. I read my favorites and love the bloggers, so I think I will start working on my blog again. Here's hoping that you haven't forgotten me.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

oh my gosh that is beautiful honey!!! lucky kids! i can't tell you how glad i am not to have to move again now. can you believe how that house sold, that was an act of god for sure. whatever would i do now? and i'd never stop reading your blog!!!

smiles, bee

molly said...

Glad to see you back! That is one gorgeous quilt!

Cathy said...

Kacey, that quilt is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen and I have seen many of them.

I hope you do start blogging again. I am trying too as well. miss you!

Changes in the wind said...

Whew.....breathe a sigh of relief when you post again...I check on you everyday and love your posts so yahooooooooo you're back. The quilt is beautiful....don't have that kind of patience of imagination.

Unknown said...


I'm Wayne's wife and also a quilter so I can relate to everything you said. Especially liked the comment about fabric "calling".

Wayne enjoyed talking to you and now you and I have a connection.