Friday, October 27, 2006

Lately, All I've Got Is Leaving On My Mind!

"Sunshine, blue skies, white sand by the mile" --- that's a line from a song on "The Golden Girls", but it's true! Unfortunately, the traffic is as plentiful as grains of sand on the beach. Snowbirds, such as I, crowd into the state along with several hundred people, who are moving there weekly. We are in search of warmth from the sun to keep our bones from barking at us when the frost is on the pumpkin. The prospect of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) looms on the horizon as the gray skies pile up along the edges of Lake Erie and our moods become a pile of gray lumps. I really believe that I could stand to hibernate indoors, shut the drapes and pretend that the snow is not there, but instead --- somewhere over the North Pole --- way up high. I can be satisfied with quilting, reading and blogging, whereas my darlin' husband would go round the bend if there were no golf club in his hand or halcyon days loafing around the pool or just plain sitting on his porch and watching the world of geriatric strollers with similar ideas. Every time we make the shift from one state to the other, we get about four months under our belts and then thoughts drift to our other home and we start yearning to be wherever we are not at the moment. The advent of cell phones has made "reaching out and touching someone" so easy, that we don't even miss the kids too much and they can visit --- if they bring enough sleeping bags.
One of our close friends called from Ft. Myers today to say they were cooking out and we could come on over. That really stinks! It is really chilly here in Ohio and he was just rubbing it in --- like SPF #15 onto my goose pimples. There are so many things to be accomplished here --- like trimming the flower beds down for the year, washing and storing the porch furniture and making to do lists for all the things we need to haul back to Florida for the winter. Talking about that porch furniture on the deck --- a crazed squirrel has attacked one of the cushions on the wicker loveseat and pulled the foam rubber out. He is going to be really constipated if he is eating it or he is going to have a lovely soft nest for the winter. The chipmunks have headed into their burrows and are harmonizing to "Christmas, Christmas time is near", you know--- Alvin and his bunch? The leaves have been dropping quietly to the ground without as much fanfare as usual. The fall colors have been muted this year as though someone gave the signal that there should be no riotous colors before we dissolve into the world of winter white.
Some time has passed since I first started on this post and I find myself with one week to cram all the last minute stuff into the few short days until we leave. We went out and voted by absentee ballot yesterday and got new driver's licenses. The husband is getting some shots into his knee to stave off total knee surgery. If it didn't hurt so much, I'd think he was just hogging all the attention. We celebrated our fifty third wedding anniversary on Tuesday and he claims he brought me a present. He proudly showed the kids his big purchase --- a new toilet seat for the guest bathroom--- for me? You have to be kidding, Charlie --- I was thinking of something with class. He has been talking about another set of Taylor Made Golf Clubs to leave in Florida and I am not in the least in tune with that. He has been through several brands of clubs and still has a couple of sets that he doesn't use. Golf widows never mind the purchase of a single club --- even when it is his sixth putter and he is only allowed to carry one putter at a time on the course --- but another whole set? Get real! It is so cold outside tonight that I am anxious to finish the housecleaning, packing and move on down the road to the land of milk and honey or beer and chips, just as long as it is sunny and hot. My daughter-in-law has been over and cleaned out my excess food purchases. Why is it that I still think I am cooking for an army and buy as though the grocery stores are going to close suddenly? But, I will arrive in Florida and immediately head for the closest grocery to stuff my pantry there. I will just pretend that I am prepared for the next hurricane. The truck is packed, the house is cleaned, the doctors have given us prescriptions to last us for six months ---look out Florida --- another pair of snow-birds are exercising their wings for the flight to paradise. Woo Hoo!


The Lovells Eye said...

Kacey -

"Leaving on my mind," scary words to any calculating man blessed with a propensity for puttering around amonst kindred souls or . . .About the list, don't forget the latest music of your life, polka and Buck Owen's cassettes/CD's for the road. Include that list of dial settings for all conservative talking heads as you meander to lower latitudes. Be off with you then, bidding chow to Alvin & friends - don't look back. Now take in the honeymoon ride with cheer. Golf widow and quilted widower together it's clear. Wishing many happy returns!

molly said...

53 years, wow! Happy anniversary. That's great. I've only been married 21 years, the first 20 were the toughest, but now that the kids are older, marriage is so much more fun, and while life is stressful, my marriage is now a source of strength where it used to be a source of stress. Does this make sense to you?

Lisa said...


Congrats on the lengthy anniversary!! God bless.

I also noticed that fall was not as vibrant around here as usual...what gives? And it's so windy tonight that we won't have any leaves on the trees before Halloween even gets here. Global warming, perhaps?

Enjoy your personal "warming" down in FL!! But we'll be thinking of you when we're singing "White Christmas" up here in the chilly states! You must miss it even a little bit...?!

Have a very safe and wonderful trip...and maybe you can post pictures of some nice palm trees and sunshine for us northerners to fantasize about!

Take good care,

Summer said...

Kacey, What a lovely post!! and Happy Anniversary and wish you many more full of more happiness!! maybe Charlie is going to surprise you with a nice gift in FL?
Have a safe drive and i will be looking forward to reading from you. Be Happy and Safe!

Big Dave T said...

Happy Anniversary. Fifty third? I have a ways to go to catch up.

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I get that too, in the winter, when I wish I were down there in Florida with ya. It's not as bad as when my Wolverines lose to your Buckeyes, though. Maybe this year that won't happen.

Teri said...

"Woo Hoo" indeed chica. I envy you AND wish you the best. Winter Park here you come!

Ciao for now...and happy trails to you and the hubster. ;)