Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Only One --- Therefore --- Priceless

This is Lacey. She is one of my eight grandchildren. We have seven great boys and this one lone girl. (Thank You God! for finally sending one.) This was taken at six years old and she is now fifteen. She is still beautiful and priceless in every way!


Lisa said...


What a beauty!! She must be gorgeous now. You must be very proud of your grandchildren, and I bet you're the best grandma!

...How's the move coming along? Hope all is well.

Take good care,

Summer said...

Beautiful young lady!! Girls are blessings to have in families...May God Bless her!

Teri said...

From the photos I have see of you dear Kacey, Lacey looks like you! She is beautiful.

Ciao bella...

Big Dave T said...

My parents aren't so lucky. They have seven grandchildren, all boys. Makes for a good volleyball game at family picnics, though.

Such a haunting portrait.

molly said...

She is a beauty. May she bring you joy.