Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lovely Tradition

This is a quickie post about a lovely tradition. Our pastor and his wife came to our church twelve years ago.
They were the parents of three married daughters, who were all flight attendants. None of them had any children. Now, twelve years later, there are twelve grandchildren and we come to the tradition. When one of the girls is expecting the stork, Grandma buys a large handkerchief from a bridal store (we found the last one online). She gives it to me, because she is craftily challenged and I have made everything from suits, quilts and wedding dresses to these adorable bonnets.
I fold the back edge to form a casing and stitch with a long machine stitch, then run a silk ribbon through the casing and tie it into a bow. Then, the front edge is turned back and I embroider silk flowers (in the proper boy or girl color) and tack them over the silk bonnet strings. This little number is the last one I made (hopefully, the very last) and is pictured adorning a head of lettuce.
Oh, yeah, the tradition --- the new baby wears this bonnet home from the hospital and it is then put into the babybook. When the child marries, the stitching is picked out and the bride carries the handkerchief down the aisle. If if is a boy child, his bride carries it. My friend, the pastor's wife, has given these as gifts and has actually seen the tradition fulfilled. I hope I live long enough to see one of this "holy dozen" carry my handiwork down the aisle. They can leave the lettuce in the kitchen.


Summer said...

Kacey, Beautiful handwork and very nice tradition. I like the idea of the baby wearing the bonnet home from the hospital , saving it and then giving it to the bride when the baby marries!! Really sweet! I applaud you for your work and creativity..i am very challenged in the area of anything associated with needle work or tailoring but i appreciate hand made things a lot...

Lisa said...


The bonnet is beautiful, and so is the tradition. Your work is wonderful, and I bet that you could make some nice pocket change if you sold stuff like that, especially for babies! You're fortunate to be involved so closely with your pastor and his family! That must be nice.

Take good care,

Andrew said...

Kacey, that's a wonderful tradition. Good for you for bringing a sign of such hope and promise into their lives!

Big Dave T said...

You're more crafty than I imagined. You didn't say anything about Halloween, though. My mother-in-law once put together Ninja Turtle costumes for my boys, complete with paper mache shells. Cool!

Doing something like this brings a special reward, though. Your talent lives on in spirit and tradition, joining past and future lives. That's wonderful!

Teri said...

Precious Kacey!