Friday, June 22, 2007

The Dreaded Church Picture

Let me give you youngins' some advice. When they tell you that you need to have your picture taken for the new church directory, never get a haircut about an hour before the actual sitting. I had written about the dreaded frizzy perm that I wanted to allow me to swim and dry in Florida without all the fuss and bother of hairdryers, brushes and such. I had gotten to the place where I could in a few short hours handle it a bit, but never knew how well I could do my "do". Enter another thought into my feeble brain --- get a haircut and the stylist would do my hair for the picture. My guy (I love him dearly) does my hair with the chair turned backwards, so the outcome is always a nice surprise. I suppose he wanted me to really look great for the picture, but he went for broke and did my hair in a way that I never wear it. My darling hubby calls this look "my football helmet". There are worse things than having your hair about three inches taller than your head, I can't think of one right now but not when the picture will be in the directory for around five years. Since we are seventy-one and seventy-five, we might not even be around for the next big event, but if I am --- I'm doing my own hair! Don't you just hate mandatory pictures? My last driver's license was really a great picture, but the church doesn't want it --- there is a hologram in the middle. Why didn't we appreciate the younger years, when we didn't think twice about pictures or anything else for that matter? So now, we are retired and every day is Saturday (except for Sunday) and we didn't see old age coming. Enjoy your youth, have fun and don't save any of your big desires for a better time. There is no time like the present. Never wait for the "when we can afford it, we will have enough time for it or when we have the free time". Do it today and have the memories to keep you warm when your days are long, but your time is probably possibly short.


Carine said...

you know, I think age depends on where you are at the moment. some days I swear I'm 18 and boy, others, I swear 100 would feel young.
as for the pictures- I try to be the one behind the camera. No witnesses.

Loving Annie said...

I agree with you. Time flies so quickly, and my hair isn't the glorious thick mane it used to be. Now it is a fly-away-thin-frizz...
Oh to be young again -- if I could judt have my brain today to go with it !

Hope you two have a good weekend, Kacey, and I very much hope you are both around in 5 years for your next set of pictures at Church !

p.s. My hair should look so good as yours did in that picture ! Football helmet indeeed ! Harrrrumph !

Antique Mommy said...

Kacey, the email and blog url that you use to leave comments on my blog has a typo or something because anytime I try to email you back on a comment or go to your blog, it comes back not found.

E-mail :
I think you are missing a colon after http.

All that to say, I have no photography skills, I simply snap the picture!

Big Dave T said...

I guess I'd never make it as a hairdresser since I think your hair looks nice the way it is. We've had our pictures taken twice for the church directory and I haven't been that happy either time. But as long as the kids looked dapper, good enough.

Matty said...

I think you're absolutely gorgeous...he did a splendid job! Hubby is handsome as well! You both look like a handsome couple!
I have learned never to get my hair done on the day I'm going for my pic for my license, etc. Always a day or 2 ahead, so it has time to relax.
Today 71 & 75 is still great! People are living in good health to a ripe old age thanks to better health care and new medical technology.
Last I heard, you're tops in trivia, playing against women that are much younger. Your speed & mental agility are in top shape, and that's important as we get older.
Wishing you a long active life!

Boomie said...

The two of you look divine! Awesome.

Sally said...

I'm new here, and just wanted to say I really enjoy your blog.

momofalltrades said...

I don't see the picture! Did you take it down? No fair blogging it and not showing us the picture!

momofalltrades said...

OK, I see it now! LOL