Saturday, June 30, 2007


Stacey will be forty-seven at exactly 2:00 p.m. today. I actually had a doctor's appointment at that exact time, so you could say that Stacey kept my appointment for me. This little cake looks so sad compared to today's birthdays with acrobats, organ grinders and moonwalks. Possibly, things got out of control that week. Matt had turned four a couple of days before this and had fallen off the ladder of the neighbor's swimming pool during "the birthday party" and had a concussion. Notice the shiner on his left eye. But, this is about Stacey and the joy she has brought into our lives. Since she was due just one year after the second child, my other half wanted another boy to keep him company. I, on the other hand, already had a baby boy in the house, so I wanted another girl to make clothes for and hair to fix in girly ways. She made the hair impossible by cutting her own bangs right to the quick the week of her annual baby picture sitting. She did grow it out after the disaster, so I suppose it is not the worst thing that can happen in a mother's life. Stacey gave us the best of both worlds by being a pretty little tomboy. One Christmas, I had made her a red wool double knit dress with picot edging on the collar and sleeves. She came out with her lace tights, French fold hairbow and MaryJane shoes looking like a child model. Then, up came her skirt exposing her six-guns and holster strapped on underneath. The two younger kids played with Legos and Matchbox cars for hours out under the evergreen bushes, while her sister played with her Barbies inside like little girls do. I have read that some of the moms in blogger land have trouble training their kids. (Probably because "Pull-Ups" have made it so handy for the tots to stay untrained) Since Stacey was my third in three years, she announced at eighteen months that "I wan siouk pants like Lesley". I bought her silk panties with a little bow on the side and put them on her and that was that. She was dry day and night, but I still had to convince her brother to get out of diapers at night. I was watching "Kate and John" the other night. They have two six year olds and six two year olds. Three of the sextuplets are girls and three are boys. She tackled training the girls first, because boys are harder. I don't think they are harder --- they just lack the incentive of silk panties!
Stacey moved on to bigger things after we moved to a bigger house in town. The neighborhood guys would come over and holler for "Staaaceeey" to come out and play a little street football or a pickup game of basketball in our driveway. I think having an older brother made her think in terms of sports or perhaps it was her Dad's influence. To this day, she can name almost any athlete, which school they played for, what position they played and where they went as pros. In high school, she ran track, high jumped and played softball which made Dad happy. Then on Friday nights, she became a majorette in the marching band with a cute little short skirt which satisfied my girly instincts.
She followed me into nursing, got married and after several losses of babies, finally has a wonderful son. Her life is spent working with the senior high youth of the church and the Bible quizzers, because she is gifted to work with kids.
Until tomorrow night when we have the birthday party (lookout blogger buddies, my first born has a birthday this week, too) this will have to do for today --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY STACEY! We love you, Dad and Mom


Loving Annie said...

Very happy birthday wishes to Stacey !

Big Dave T said...

Well, happy birthday to Stacey. Our eldest son's birthday is tomorrow, July 1. Had he be born a girl, he would have been "Tracey." Kacey, Stacey, Tracey . . .

When we were expecting our second child, we asked Greg if he wanted a brother or sister. His response: "I want a sister, but I need a brother."

Hea, I forgot that I wanted to respond to your comment on my blog from a while back "Water, Water, Everywhere." You asked why my friend hadn't drunk the river water in Minnesota while we were canoeing there.

Actually, the river water there is pure and drinkable, though there is a distant chance of catching some parasite that lurks in some shallows. That was enough to scare my friend, though he says if he had to do it over, he would have dove into the water and drunk his fill. My son Scott revealed afterwards that he drank the river water without any ill effects.

Matty said...

Here's wishing Stacey a very happy birthday and many more! If my Maggie May turns out like your Stacey...then I will give job will be done! You must be very proud of her. She must be a wonderful person to give so much of her life working with senior youth...that girl has her priorities straight..that's for sure! I think its' because she knows that kids give back so much more than what we give them! We need more Stacey's in the world!

Cathy said...

Kacey, This was such a wonderful look back at your daughter's life. It was easy to see how proud you are of her.

Thank you for visiting my blog earlier. I also left a comment there for you. I am going to add you to my sidebar like I did Matty (such a good writer), so I can visit here often..


BTW, I notice you are in "NW" Ohio. Im only about 76 miles S of Toledo.

Carine said...

kacey, hope Stacey had a wonderful birthday yesterday! She a couple of years younger than me, so I'm sure she doesn't mind all the wonderful wishes that we're sending her way

Summer said...

Kacey,What a wonderful month for you to have three birthdays for your kids!! i am sure it was not planned! what a blessing though...Happy Birthday Stacey indeed...and enjoy many many more.
very cute picture of the kids and the cake i am sure it tastes just perfect.