Thursday, August 31, 2006

Old Dog, New Tricks

A really good blogger asked me to make a link for his posts. Being an old dog, I did not know how to do very many things with my computer, but I do have a puppy who knows all about this stuff. (And, a little child shall lead them!) My little child is forty-seven and pretty good looking. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it! So, the puppy taught his old dog how to make a list of my favorite blogs. It is at the top of the page --- I am proud of my new trick!:o)


Big Dave T said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning mine! I think your's is the first blog I've seen with their blogroll on top.

Now I'll have to see if I can add you to mine. I don't have any kids who can help me, though.

molly said...

Thanks for listing me there too. I have you on my favorites list, I only wish I knew how to do a list like that. I've yet to figure it out, and in my house I'm the computer geek.

Antique Mommy said...

You go, you linking girl you! And lookee me! Right at the top!! :)

Have your puppy teach you how to link in a post so people can click on Uno Septembro and go right to his web page instead of having to copy and paste the URL into their browser. Okay, never mind I'll tell you.

1) As you are writing your post, go back and highlight whatever it is you want to link, like "Uno Septembro" and then there will be a little icon that looks like a link or a chain or something. Click on that and a little window will pop up.

2) when the window pops up, type in the URL of the link
and click ok or something and voila.

3) When you save the post the link should be underlined or highlighted or something. Be sure to click on it and test it.

I haven't used blogger for a while, but it should be something close to that.