Monday, August 7, 2006

Summer Daze

To the Youth at Church

I've been reading blogs and see a pattern of late summer, early fall uncertainty in many of the bloggers. Junior High apprehension about going on to Senior High, Senior High fearful of the college or adult life in front of them. It's sort of like babies taking that new first step or not taking it for fear of falling down --- fear not --- The Lord is with Thee and with Thy Spirit! All of life is a series of endings and new beginnings. If we had crystal balls, and could see into the future, would we really want to know what lies ahead? Most of the fun in waiting for Christmas morning, is the anticipation of what lies in those festively wrapped packages. Some people cheat and peak into those packages and then are disappointed that there are no surprises in store. I could tell you that your parents and grandparents are just as uncertain about some aspects of their lives, but are afraid to admit that they are not as sure of themselves as they might appear. All we can do is throw ourselves on the mercy of God, knowing that everything in our lives has been known since we were still in our mother's womb. You get up in the morning, do what you have to do, keep heading in the direction that you desire and the next thing you know --- great things start happening. If God doesn't want you to continue in a particular path, He will slam the door and you will get the message through the window He has opened. Enjoy your young life --- we are too soon old and too late smart. ^_^


Andrew said...

Hi Again Kacey,
My grandmother used to have that expression on a plaque in her kitchen and I always thought it was spot on, only the spelling on her version was: "We get too soon oldt, and too late schmart."

Thanks again for contributing over at my site. I LOVE your suggestion of asking hubby what spending level he would like her to use while she acts as his gift buying proxy. Pure brilliance!

See you next time,

Big Dave T said...

I'm someone who likes to have SOME idea of what's coming. Thus, I'm incessantly making plans. Plans for retirement, plans for vacation, plans for building our financial nest egg, etc.

But you're right . . . it doesn't necessarily go as planned. In fact, life is what happens when you've made other plans. That's what you already know and the rest of us are finding out.

Andrew said...

Hi Kacey,
You were over to my place and wrote: "Twenty-two years of marriage and three children..." Not only does that sound like quite an education, it also sounds exactly like my education. I have 3 children and, as of Thursday, have been married for 22 years.

Thanks again for dropping by.